The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Media/Communication/Event Request Guidelines


Marketing & Communications at The Ohio State University at Mansfield offers many services to our campus, including outreach, communications, public relations, and advertising. These guidelines are intended to help you select the services you have available to make the best use of our resources. Since January 2016, we have been partners with Marketing and Communications at North Central State College in seeking to create greater capacity and efficiency while retaining the unique vision and profile of our respective institutions.

The starting point for obtaining services is making a request. Depending on your needs, please submit the appropriate form below. Once we receive your request, a staff member will contact you to verify that we have received the request, validate the details of the request, and provide an estimated start and end date.

Below is a listing of services. Please read them before filling out a form in order to choose the appropriate services for your needs. Note that for larger projects, you may need to complete several forms through other departments. For example, such as a set-up form for events and a media form for press coverage.

Please submit requests at least two weeks before the service is needed to allow for appropriate time to schedule and complete the request. Calendar items should be submitted as soon as the event details are finalized. Larger projects may require up to four weeks lead time.

Request Form
Advertising Marketing & Communications can assist with determining costs, design and placement of print, online, radio and TV advertising. Any costs for advertising are usually paid for from the requestor’s budget.

Branding Marketing & Communications provides guidance with Trademark and Licensing approvals for merchandise, apparel, and other tangible goods. We have developed campus-specific brand guidelines and can assist you in the proper use of the Ohio State and Ohio State Mansfield logos as well as Shared Services logos with North Central State College.

Community Support Requests for give-away items, logoed sponsor signage and community event sponsorship, among other requests, is coordinated through Development and Marketing & Communications. We maintain a limited supply of give-aways such as pom-poms, pennants, cups and gift baskets.

Event Set-Up Requests for the use of facilities, furniture, etc. are all collected through the comprehensive Event Setup online form. One of the most-used forms by the Ohio State Mansfield and NCSC campuses, this is the only form needed for many people and organizations.

Fundraising Marketing & Communications works to enhance the visibility and reputation of Ohio State Mansfield. We do not raise funds directly, but work with Development to insure that our messaging enhances the desirability of an Ohio State Mansfield education to students, community members, and potential donors. Please direct questions about Fundraising to Cindy Wood, Director of Development and Community Engagement.

Graphic Design We offer design services in partnership with NCSC, as well as consultations on design needs ranging from flyers, brochures, posters and advertisements, among other printed material. We also prepare graphics for the web.


Press coverage Marketing & Communications can craft a press release to announce an event or milestone, request live media coverage and write a press story to be delivered after the event, depending on your needs. We maintain a comprehensive media list for local and Northeast Ohio print, online, radio and TV stations.

Social Media We maintain Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages, all titled osumansfield. Our audience includes students, faculty and staff, alumni and community members. It’s a great way to get the word out about your event or milestone! Through promotion of hashtags for a particular event, a Storify can be created by pulling posts from social media to create an on-the-fly story.

Faculty and staff publications, presentations, grants and awards, exhibitions and performances, service, and other milestones can be publicized in in50, onCampus, and through press releases to media. Please follow the correct format as detailed on the Sample page.

Photography & Video We offer limited photography for events, milestones, and images for the web, with emphasis on photos that will serve multiple functions and relate to our outreach, communications and public relations efforts. Requests for video stories, commercials and other needs are coordinated through Marketing & Communications, occasionally in partnership with North Central State College.

Web design, development

Website Changes to current web content as well as requests for new pages and content can be requested through the form. Depending on the project, please allow ample time for discussion of design, content revision for web and design.

Event Calendar Events for the web Event Calendar should be submitted as soon as the event is finalized. Please include date, time and location as well as some basic information about the event.

mansfield/advancement/facebook2.jpgPlease note: Forms will be available as fillable PDFs or fillable online forms by September 26. Until then, please fill out the available PDF, scan it, and email to Susan Delagrange You may also send it through campus mail: Susan Delagrange (RL 206F).