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Purchased Services

Workshops and Summer Institutes

Participants will be able to:

  1. Strengthen their mathematical content knowledge
  2. Strengthen and broaden their instructional practice
  3. Develop and implement a variety of 5-step process and experientially-based lessons based on the Algebra Project work
  4. Understand ways to address the Common Core Standards and Mathematical Practices within their instruction
  5. Learn how to facilitate student-centered discussions in their classrooms
  6. Build a classroom culture where the students are engaged and able to work both independently and cooperatively.
  7. Integrating multiple content areas using the Math Literacy processes, Understanding by Design (Wiggins & McTighe) and Rigor/Relevance Framework (Daggets) structures.
  8. Learn how to better prepare students/teachers for the PARCC exams.
  9. Demonstrate how the Ohio State Math Literacy Center work can connect to district/building text series.

Year-Long Math Literacy Package 

Once a month professional development sessions on math literacy (pedagogy, math content, best practices, standards, assessment, classroom climate), 4 Lesson Study sessions which include lesson planning, pre-discussion, lesson observations, post-discussion, consultation with a knowledgeable other, and revisions of lesson, and one week of additional professional development in the summer. On-site school hour support from MLI staff as needed. Support might include modeling of lessons, developing lessons with grade level teams or individual teachers, communications and collaborations with administration, lesson observations and team building activities. Costs are based on groups of up to 30 or an entire building staff.

Lesson Study Sessions

Lesson Study sessions will include lesson planning, pre-discussion, lesson observations, post-discussion, consultation with a knowledgeable other, and revisions of lesson. Half day session will end with revisions, while whole day sessions will include the re-teaching of the revised lesson. These sessions are held at the school site.

Math Teacher Leader (MTL) Development

A year-long program (9 months) to train building level mathematics facilitators. These MTLs will work with individual teachers or grade level teams on implementation of math literacy activities. The program will include monthly meeting on content, pedagogy, leadership, adult learning theories, and developing professional learning communities within the building. This program also provides on-site support for the MTLs.


Collaborative Application of Mathematics Pedagogy: The CAMP program has two features. The first is a one-week Ohio State University course (or non-credit-bearing professional development, summer institute). The course/institute content is on Lesson Study, 5-step lesson format based on the Algebra Project work with middle and high schools, the 8 Mathematical Practices, Common Core Standards, orchestrating productive mathematical discussions (using Smith & Stein), inquiry learning and creating a classroom environment that keeps students engaged. The second is a one-week Lesson Study program that involves teachers observing several lessons taught to K-5 students who are attending Math Camp. Observed lessons will be taught by experienced Algebra Project teachers. The Lesson Study and Math Camp work in parallel. The rest of the math camp day (for students) includes math lessons and activities facilitated by teachers and workers from the Young People’s Project (both college students and high school YPP members). The CAMP program also includes one Professional Development day per month during the ensuing school year. Prices are based on a group of up to 30 participants or one building staff.

Young People’s Project

YPP uses Math Literacy Work to develop the abilities of elementary through high school students to succeed in school and in life. The director (within district) and the high school student workers will receive training on math content using the Algebra Project approach to teaching and learning that includes hands-on experiences and games, and productive mathematical discussions that are based on the student’s own language. Once the high school students are trained, they will participate in peer to peer learning by working with intermediate and primary students on math literacy work. The costs involved will pay for salaries for high school student math literacy workers (MLW), college student math literacy workers (CMLW), a director (within district), training, and programming. Part of this cost can be covered using title funds. The direct district funds will pay for busing, 1HQT per building, and the director. The costs for training, math literacy workers, college math literacy workers, and a facilitator will be paid through the fee listed.

Springmill Boot Camp

A 10 week course on science and math content and how it can be taught in the Springmill Learning Galleries. Classes will be held once a week for 2 ½ hours on a particular gallery. Participants must complete at least 8 out of the 10 classes to earn course credit and to be certified to teach in the learning galleries. Additional contact hours required; work at two Science Saturdays (4 hours each) and create 2 lesson plans that could be used for gallery visits.

Math Endorsement Courses

Currently a 7-course program with a total of 16 credit hours. Five of the seven courses are online. The two face-to-face courses are offered Ohio State Mansfield every summer.

Ohio State Mansfield Endorsements      Program Sheet:  Requirements

Integrated Curriculum Development

A year-long program that meets once a month (9 months) to develop integrated units of study using the 5-step process curricular design amended for each discipline. Understanding By Design (Wiggins & McTighe) and Daggetts’ Rigor and Relevance framework are used to help develop the integrated units. The work product will be the completion of 2 integrated units. A one day introduction PD session is also included. To meet the individual building / district needs, two days per month would be available to split up the PD sessions into half day sessions (each staff member would still only be receiving contact with our staff one time per month).


Fee Sheet for Purchased Services