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Revised January 2008

This handbook contains information about policies and procedures at OSU-Mansfield.

All policies and procedures contained within must comply with the laws of the State of Ohio and University policy.  Should there be a conflict, the former will always prevail.

The policies within are effective beginning January 1, 2008 until superseded by an amendment or a subsequent edition of this handbook.

This handbook replaces previous editions of the Faculty Handbook, the Staff Policy and Procedures Manual, and the Handbook for Adjunct Faculty.

In general, this handbook does not contain office numbers, phone numbers, or names of faculty or staff. Please consult the current Directory for that information. Also helpful will be the Quick Reference page on the website.

Table of Contents

Absence from Duty
Academic Misconduct
Annual Review of Faculty
Annual Review of Staff
Audio-Visual Support (see Computer and Technology Services)
Award for Excellence in Scholarship (Executive Committee, June, 1999)
Award for Service (Faculty) (Faculty Assembly, February, 2006)
Award for Service (Staff) (MSAC, 2007)
Benefits (Medical)
Board of Trustees (OSU-M)
Bookstore and Textbook Orders
Car Problems
Class Cancellations
Classroom Assignments (see Room Scheduling)
Class Rosters
Committee Charges (Faculty Assembly, December 2002)
Committee Membership
Computer and Technology Services
Computer Replacement Policy
Computer Security (CIO, June, 2007)
Conflict of Interest
Constitution of the Faculty Assembly (Faculty Assembly, November, 2002)
Consulting (Faculty)
Course Descriptions
Dangerous or Disruptive Individuals
Death of Student or Employee
Development Campaigns and Gifts
Discrimination Complaints (see Grievances)
Donations (see Development Campaigns and Gifts)
Drug and Alcohol Policy (Dean's Office, January, 2008)
Duties and Responsibilities of Faculty (Faculty Assembly, May 7, 1999)
E-mail Guidelines
Emergency Closings (see Severe Weather Policy)
Emergency Procedures
Evaluation of Teaching (Faculty Assembly, January 25, 2002)
External Funding for Research (see Professional Development Support)
Faculty Appointments
Faculty Appointments and Reviews Procedures (updated 9/13/2012)
Faculty Assembly (see Constitution of Faculty Assembly)
Faculty Professional Leave (see Leave Policies)
Faculty Service Rubric
Faculty Services (see Secretarial Support and Supplies)
Fee Authorization (employees)
Fee Authorization (dependents) (see Tuition Assistance)
Field Trips
Final Examinations


     Computer Replacement Request
     Faculty Concern Form
     Independent Study Approval
     Leave Request (Application for Leave)
     Non-Competitive Grant Application (includes Publication Costs)
     PDC Faculty Professional Leave (FPL) Application
     PDC International Travel Form
     PDC Course Reductions Form
     PDC Quick Start Grant Application
     PDC SA Application
     PDC Seed Grant Application
     PDC Small Grant Application
     PDC Supplementary Travel Form
     Staff Professional Development Form
     Student Assistant/Worker Request
     Travel Application (Conference travel)

Grade Appeals (Academic Standards Committee, December, 2005)
Grievances (see also Salary Appeals)
Independent Studies
Insurance Claims (see Benefits)
Learning Support Services
Leave Policies
Lost and Found
Maintenance (Work Orders)
Mission Statement (Faculty Assembly and Mansfield Board of Trustees, March, 1996)
Office Assignments
Pattern of Administration (Dean, December, 2004)
Performance Reviews (see Annual Review Faculty or Annual Review Staff)
Plagiarism (see Academic Misconduct)
Posting Policy (Shared Services Committee, January, 2006)
Proctoring Exams
PDC Description and Guidelines
    PDC Course Reduction Guidelines
    PDC Description and Deadlines
    PDC FPL and SA Guidelines
    PDC Grant Guidelines
    PDC Travel Grant Guidelines
Professional Development Support (Staff)
Promotion and Tenure Policy and Procedures (see Faculty Appointments and Reviews Procedures)
Publicity Checklist (Marketing and Publicity Committee, April, 2006)
Public Record and Disposition of Records
Purchases and Reimbursements (see also Travel Policies)
Reimbursement for Expenses (see Purchases and Reimbursements)
Remedial Services (see Learning Support)
Research Support (see Professional Development Support)
Retention and Return of Course Materials
Retired Faculty Reemployment Policy (Executive Committee, September, 2007)
Room Scheduling
Safety and Security (see also Computer Security)
Salary Appeal Process
Secretarial Support and Supplies
Seed Grant Guidelines (Professional Development Committee, undated)
Service (see Duties and Responsibilities of Faculty)
Severe Weather Policy and Procedures
Sexual Harassment Policy
Sex Offenders (see Dangerous and Disruptive Individuals)
Smoking Policy
Special Research Assignment (see Leave Policies and Forms)
Student Affairs
Student Assistants
Student Services (see Student Affairs)
Student Workers (see also Student Assistants)
Summer Teaching
Supplemental Compensation
Supplies (see Secretarial Support and Supplies)
Syllabus Guidelines
Teaching Load Reductions (see Leave Policies and Forms)
Textbook Orders (see Bookstore and Textbook Orders)
Travel/Mileage Reimbursement for Staff
Travel Policy for Faculty (Faculty Assembly, October, 2007)
Tuition Assistance for Dependents
Tuition Assistance for Faculty and Staff (see Fee Authorization)
University Senate
Voice Mail
Workload Policy (Faculty) (Faculty Assembly, January, 2004)


List of Committees

Statement of Committee Charges

Constitution of Faculty Assembly

Faculty Salary Appeals

Faculty Workload Policy

Mission Statement of Mansfield Campus

Pattern of Administration