The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Complete Placement Testing

Your ACT/SAT scores, Advanced Placement (AP) credit, and any college-level course work you have completed will determine your placement testing requirements. You must arrange to have the official scores and official transcripts sent to Ohio State.

There are three placement tests you may be required to complete prior to attending an orientation program.

Math Placement Testing:
Online - Required if “Math B Test Required” or “Math D Test Required” is listed on your To-Do List.

English Placement Testing:
Online - Required if “English Test Required” is listed on your To-Do List.

Foreign Language Placement Testing:
On-Campus - Required if you have completed 2+ years of Spanish, French, or German while in high school. Foreign language is the only placement test that takes place at orientation. All other testing must be completed by the deadline below.


Unless you have submitted documentation for testing exemptions, you must have math & English placement test scores posted to your account at least two weeks prior to your orientation date. English tests must be both submitted and reviewed. Please follow the links above and complete placement testing today. If testing is still on your To Do List within two weeks of your selected orientation program, you will be required to reschedule for a later orientation program.

Should you receive a “U” math score, you must contact the Orientation & Placement Testing Office to make arrangements to take the test in person. Please provide yourself with an environment that will give you uninterrupted time and an atmosphere conducive to testing. You can only take the online test once!

Students in need of disability services may elect to complete placement testing in person. Contact the Office of Disability Services to make testing arrangements.