The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Register for Disability and Dietary Accommodations

If you or your orientation guests have dietary restrictions, please contact the Orientation & Placement Testing Office to discuss these accommodations.

If you or your orientation guests require disability accommodations for placement testing and/or orientation, you may request services by emailing Michelle McGregor or calling 419-755-4304.

We cannot guarantee that services will be available if arrangements are not made well in advance.


Most of the academic accommodations and services available to students during the academic year through the Office for Disability Services (ODS) are also available to you during orientation. Students with disabilities can receive support services. Disability documentation must be presented to ODS for determination of eligibility prior to your orientation program. If arrangements are made in advance, ODS will help ascertain needs and arrange appropriate services during orientation. Arrangements for family members are also available.

Placement Testing

Students with disabilities should contact the Office of Disability Services to make alternate arrangements for taking the Math placement test, English placement test, and Foreign Language placement test. This includes students with disabilities who may need extended time, as well as students who need a scribe, a reader, an interpreter, or other support services. Documentation must be provided to determine eligibility before authorization can be given for accommodations.