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Summer Term at Mansfield

What did you do on your summer vacation? If you take summer term classes at Ohio State Mansfield, you'll have so many answers to that question.

Summer term offers smaller class sizes, chances to get ahead on your major and the beauty of campus in its warm-weather glory. Falling behind? A summer term is your perfect opportunity to get back on track. Looking to work ahead? Get a head start on some core classes or take a few of those electives you've been wondering about.

Whether you're already an Ohio State student or a student from another college or university, you can make your summer count by taking classes at Ohio State Mansfield.

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​Current Ohio State Students

Determine if Summer Classes Are Right For You

Your Study Habits

Summer classes are more accelerated and therefore require a significant time commitment in order to be successful. If you tend to struggle with time management or have difficulty staying on top of schoolwork, a summer class is not recommended.

Your Financial Aid Eligibility

While financial aid can be used to pay for summer courses, there are restrictions. Some forms of financial aid require you to be enrolled for a certain number of summer hours before aid can be awarded. Also, using financial aid during the summer terms can reduce the amount of aid you have available for the fall and spring semesters. Financial aid is not automatically awarded for summer. You must complete a FAFSA and should speak with a financial aid specialist to make sure you know how your future aid will be affected.

Your Work Schedule, Vacations & Other Obligations

Because summer courses are more accelerated, your attendance in class needs to be a top priority. If you will be missing several class meetings, summer courses may not be right for you. Listed below are Ohio State Mansfield summer semester dates:

12-Week Summer TermMay 8 - Jul 26 (No Classes: May 27; Jul 4)
4-Week Session 1May 8 - Jun 3 (No Classes: May 27)
6-Week Session 1May 8 - Jun 17 (No Classes: May 27)
8-Week Session 1May 8 - Jun 28 (No Classes: May 27)
8-Week Session 2Jun 4 - Jul 26 (No Classes: Jul 4)
6-Week Session 2Jun 18 - Jul 26 (No Classes: Jul 4)

2019 high school graduates need to provide proof of graduation. Not recommended for new first year students.

Your Major & Course Sequencing

Summer classes are a great way to catch up or to get a jump start on classes needed for your major. Students are encouraged to take 15-16 hours per semester in order to stay on track with some majors. However, if you are only able to enroll part-time or for the minimum of full-time, summer classes can help you work towards a timely graduation.

Class Schedule | Enrollment Appointment Windows begin: Monday, February 18, 2019 | Call 419-755-4317 for more information

Visiting Students from Other Institutions (Non-Degree)

Your Transfer Credit

You are strongly encouraged to seek academic advising from your home institution to know which Ohio State courses satisfy major requirements. View Transferology to help determine transfer credit between institutions.

Orientation/scheduling appointments will be scheduled with an academic advisor that advises a related major to that which you are pursuing at your home institution.

You will access grades and request official transcripts online. View grades through Buckeye Link and Request a Transcript be sent to your home institution at the completion of your classes. Grades will not be mailed.

Undergraduate non-degree seekers, or those enrolled at other post-secondary institutions:

You can apply online through the Extended Education website at, prior to the posted deadlines and pay a $60 application fee. If after the deadline, learn about late registration.

  • View Class Schedule & Course Descriptions
  • Summer scheduling begins as early as Monday, February 18
  • You may find that you are unable to register for a course because you have not met the Ohio State prerequisite requirement. You may be asked to provide a college transcript and course description or complete placement testing to determine placement in a class. Questions should be directed to the Orientation & Placement Testing Office at 419-755-4203.
  • Navigate Buckeye Link
  • View Summer Tuition
  • Schedule an orientation/scheduling appointment at 419-755-4203
  • Many students pay for summer classes out of pocket. Contact a financial aid specialist, at 419-755-4317, if you have questions about paying for summer classes.
  • View grades through Buckeye Link and Request a Transcript be sent to your home institution at the completion of your classes

Transfer Students

Interested in transferring during the summer term to become a full time student on the Mansfield campus? Find more information here: