The Ohio State University at Mansfield


Article I: Purpose

The Associated Advisory Council is an advocacy body for Associated faculty. Council advises the Dean on concerns of the Associated faculty, provides a means of communication between the Dean and Associated faculty, and offers a representative voice on issues of importance to all non-tenure eligible faculty. These issues include, but are not limited to, workload, professional development, promotion, compensation, hiring practices, and access to resources. Council reflects the variety of disciplines and instructional roles at the Ohio State University-Mansfield campus. Additionally, Council coordinates with faculty at other campuses and consults with various committees and faculty groups as appropriate.

Article II: Council Membership and Composition

Section 1: Membership

A. All faculty positions within the university that are not tenure-track and are not eligible for tenure ( Faculty, Governance, and Committees).

B. Staff that teach 50% or more in a given academic year.

Section 2: Composition

A. All members are encouraged to attend meetings. All members in attendance shall have full and equal voting rights.

B. Besides regular members, Council shall annually elect a President. After one year, the President shall serve as past-President for one year.

Article III: Nomination and Election of Council President

Section 1: Nomination

A. Nomination(s) will be offered prior to the election.

B. The immediate past-President is not an eligible nominee.

C. If no nominee is offered, a generic ballot with the names of all Council members shall be distributed and a recommendation made by the President in consultation with present

Section 2: Election

A. A new President will be elected each year at the annual August Associated breakfast.

B. The nominee receiving the greatest number of votes shall be elected President; successive ballots will be cast in the case of a tie.

C. The newly elected President will take office the first day of spring semester.

D. There shall be no provision made for absentee or electronic voting for officers.

Section 3: Resignation and Appointment of Replacement(s)

A. President or past-President's resignation immediately results in a vacancy and shall be made known to all Council members.

B. If a single resignation occurs after the annual August Associated breakfast but before the last day of the academic calendar in spring semester, then either the President or past-President will appoint a willing replacement.

C. An interim President or past-President will be an eligible nominee at the proceeding annual August Associated breakfast.

Article V: Council Meetings

Section 1: Council Meetings

A. Council will meet no fewer than three times in any semester.

B. Meeting time, place, and agenda will be electronically distributed to all members in advance of the meeting and to any non-members upon request.

C. The collection of minutes shall rotate among members in attendance.

D. Unapproved minutes will be electronically distributed to attending members for review.

E. Approved minutes will be electronically distributed campus wide.

F. Council shall meet with the Dean or other senior staff as appropriate.

G. Meetings shall be conducted in a firm, orderly manner with proper regard for democratic procedure.

H. A quorum shall consist of the President and 3 members.

I. All present members shall vote and designated items may be voted on

Section 2: Duties of President and past-President

A. The President and past-President shall serve as members of Executive Committee.

B. Membership on Executive Committee occurs during the President and past-President's term.

C. The President will be the presiding officer at Council meetings and a co-presiding officer at the annual August Associated breakfast. As co-presiding officer, the President will coordinate the meeting agenda in consultation with the Associate Dean and other Council members.

D. The past-President will serve as presiding officer at Council meetings when the Chair is unable to attend.

Article VI: Revision to Bylaws

A. Revision of these Bylaws, including addition of Amendments and changes to any parts herein, will require a 2/3 rd vote by attending Council members at the annual August Associated breakfast.