The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Faculty Research Frenzy!

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Wednesday, April 12, 12:35-1:30 pm, 100 Ovalwood

The Faculty Research Frenzy! is here! Fast-moving, five-minute presentations on a range of enlightening topics culled from sometimes serious, sometimes funny aspects of our faculty's research and scholarship. The list of presenters includes Tim Berra, Rachel Bowen, Kip Curtis, Dawn Kitchen, Del Lindsey, Scopas Poggo, and Carolyn Skinner. Watch this space for titles!

Del Lindsey “‘Go’ on Red and ‘Stop’ on Blue: Dissecting the modern Japanese color lexicon”
Tim Berra “Salinity and spawning of nurseryfish in the Adelaide River of northern Australia”
Scopas Poggo “Memory and Preservation of the Kuku History and Culture: Folklore and Songs.”
Rachel Bowen “Gendered Violence and Women’s Citizenship: A Speculative Research Agenda”
Dawn Kitchen “foiled again: playback experimental evidence that monkey calls deter ambush predators”
Kip Curtis "Alloys and Allies: Motivated by Scarcity in and Age of Abundance”