The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Students of Concern Team

The Students of Concern Team is an informal consultation team. Permanent members include the Chief Student Life Officer at Ohio State Mansfield, the Vice President for Academic Affairs at NC State College, campus police officer, disability services, and the student assistance program designee(s).

Meetings are held once a month to discuss the behavior of students whose presence is or may be disruptive to the Mansfield campus as a whole. Often the behavior is perceived to have a mental illness root.


  • Assess situations involving students who pose a potential risk of harm to persons or property in the university community or of substantial disruption of university activities.
  • Consult with faculty, staff, and students involved in or affected by the student's behavior.
  • Involve the Columbus Consultation and Assessment Team in the more serious issues at Ohio State Mansfield


Donna L. Hight, Ph.D.
Chief Student Life and Enrollment Services Office
The Ohio State University at Mansfield