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About the Office of Diversity and Inclusion


Welcome to the Diversity and Inclusion website at Ohio State Mansfield! As the Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, I am both humbled and excited to serve in this capacity.

One of the primary goals of the office is to help students, all students, embrace their own individual uniqueness while, at the same time, accepting and embracing the differences of others. We recognize that our ‘differences’ should be a dynamic force for learning, for creativity, and for the collective growth of our community. Research has shown that diversity, promoted within a welcoming and respectful environment, encourages critical thinking, reduces harmful stereotypes, and strengthens effective communications. Developing these essential skills is integral to the success of our college students. “Essential” because in a vastly diverse, globally connected world, each of our Buckeyes must learn the social and business protocols that will enable us to be the productive citizens and the effective leaders our nation and our world demands.

We understand that the ideals of ‘diversity and inclusion’ has implications that go well beyond the collegiate experience. In a study conducted by Forbes’ contributor group, Forbes Insight, “diversity’ is cited as a “key driver of innovation” and is seen as a “critical component of being successful on a global scale”. This is in line with our mission to strive to be a model of ‘inclusive excellence’ both for our campus communities and communities impacted through our reach on a more global scale.

Thank you for visiting our site! On this site, you will find information, events and stories that celebrate our campus’ diversity and encourages our efforts towards moving towards the ideal of inclusion. Our students are engaged in an exciting academic and social journey; join us as we continue moving towards the ideal of ‘inclusive excellence”!

Renee Thompson

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion advances academic excellence by increasing and advocating for campus diversity and inclusion. The Office undertakes initiatives aimed at the recruitment, retention, and success of underrepresented students, faculty, and staff, by working with academic units, community partners, and national organizations and institutions.

To be the nation’s premier leader and model for the institutional integration of excellence through diversity in higher education for the 21st century.

We are committed to these primary values:

  • Inclusive Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Social Justice and Equity
  • Respect and Civility
  • Leadership and Partnerships