Bromfield Library and Information Commons

Faculty and Staff

Closed Reserve

Faculty and/or staff who need to put resources on the closed reserve shelf in the BLIC may do so using the Closed Reserve Form. Not sure what qualifies? A library staff member is available to answer your questions at 419-755-4331 or at

Information Literacy Sessions

The Head Librarian is available to supplement regular instruction with information literacy sessions that cover topics from copyright and plagiarism to advanced research in the databases and on the web. Tailored instruction sessions can be set up at different time increments and can occur over one or more sessions. Use the Library Instruction Request form to reserve a time slot(s). Questions? Contact the Head Librarian at 419-755-4090 or at The Head Librarian serves both NCSC and Ohio State Mansfield.

Reserving 120A for Research Purposes

Those faculty members, instructors, etc. who wish to reserve the computer lab in the BLIC for library related research, but do not wish to have the Head Librarian provide an information literacy lecture, may inquire about availability using the 120A Reservation Form.

Faculty Media Center

The Faculty Media Center is available to employees at NCSC and Ohio State Mansfield who are interested in producing media rich course materials. The media studio offers a sound studio capable of creating high quality lecture recordings and tutorials, and green screen technology within the sound studio allowing instructors to place themselves inside their presentation and interact with the on-screen content.

To find out more about the Faculty Media Studio, contact David Au at 419-755-4315 or

Learning Collaborative Classroom

The Learning Collaborative Classroom (LCC) is available to all faculty/instructors on the Mansfield campus who wish to utilize the technology in the LCC and/or wish work in a room with high collaborative potential. This classroom (CN 120H) is available for an entire semester or for short-term
reservations. Tours are given to NSCS and Ohio State Mansfield employees who make a reservation with the library staff by calling 419-755-4331 or by e-mailing the BLIC at

NCSC Library Account Form

North Central State College instructors who do not have a library account and wish to receive one in order to gain borrowing privileges and access to online databases may fill out the NCSC Faculty Bromfield Library registration form. Most individuals will automatically get a library account once employed by NCSC. If you’re not sure if you have an active account or would like to learn more about your library privileges, please inquire at the circulation desk in the BLIC or call 419-755-4331.