The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Office of Disability Services


I would like to cordially welcome you to The Ohio State University at Mansfield and to the Office for Disability Services (ODS). ODS is located in Ovalwood 279. ODS serves the special needs of students with documented disabilities.

ODS evaluates students' documentation and recommends academic accommodations based on their disabilities and needs. A student handbook, describing ODS' services, policies, and procedures are also available. In addition, I invite Ohio State Mansfield faculty and staff to visit the ODS Faculty and Staff Resource Guide.

New to Mansfield? ODS can help you with questions regarding the disability parking on campus, voter registration, and help you find community resources to serve your needs.

ODS works in close concert with the Mansfield faculty. Here we focus on your abilities to help maximize your performance and increase your independence both in school and in the outside world. Please see office hours for operating times and contact information.

I am looking forward to working with you to help make this a successful year.

How do I get help from ODS?

First, it’s important for students and families to know that in college, it is the responsibility of students to make the request for disability help in school. In order to seek help through ODS, contact Michelle McGregor, the Disability Specialist to make an appointment.

You can do this by calling Michelle directly at (419) 755-4304. Michelle will talk to you about what difficulties you are having in learning and in school. She will also discuss with you strategies that have helped you in the past in school, as well as discussing your strengths. Michelle will then generally ask you to provide documentation of your disability from your doctor and/or care provider. If you have an IEP from your K-12 education experience, this information is also very helpful. Michelle will use the information from her talk with you and from your documentation to determine your academic accommodations while enrolled at Ohio State Mansfield.

Will I be obligated to use accommodations if I seek help from ODS?

No. It is your choice as to whether you want to use your accommodations and how often you want to use them. However, if want to use your accommodations, you need to tell your instructors and ODS this so that arrangements for your accommodations can be made. You are never under any obligation to disclose the exact nature of your disability to anyone on campus, but you will need to tell faculty about your classrooms needs so that they can assist you.

Won’t everyone know that I have a disability?

No. Not unless you choose to tell people. Your disability documentation and information will be kept confidential and will be stored in the ODS office.

Will my degree be worth less if I seek help from ODS?

No. You will receive the same OSU diploma as everyone else. There will be no indication on your diploma that you sought help through ODS. In college, you will be held to the same policies, procedures, and requirements as everyone else even if you work with ODS.