The Ohio State University at Mansfield


Jason Spoon
Ohio State Mansfield English major & Professional Writing minor
Interned at Stoneridge Inc. (Hi-Stat)

“During my professional writing internship, I had the unique opportunity to intern for my current employer. Interning at Stoneridge Inc. (Hi-Stat) in Lexington, I created a new training program for both new and existing employees. The content I created is currently being used by Stoneridge, and the feedback I’ve received has been very positive. This internship was a great opportunity for me to showcase to my employer a different set of professional skills, and it may result in future job opportunities.”
Steve Haverdck
Graduate, NCSC Mechanical Engineering Technology
Interned at Gorman Rupp and Stoneridge Inc. (Hi-Stat)

"My engineering internships allowed me to gain valuable experience and helped jump-start my career. Early on at North Central State College, I was unsure of my career track within the engineering field. By completing two internships, I was able to gain hands-on experience working with engineering projects. I knew more of what to expect after I graduated and more of what line of work and product I wanted to work with in engineering. These projects and the hands-on experience helped me advance and find my role in the field. This experience helped me build my resume tremendously."
Amanda McCoy
Ohio State Mansfield
English major Interned at Franklin Communications, WBCO/WQEL FM Radio

"As my graduation date rapidly approaches, I knew I needed to find an internship that would provide the experience I needed to set me apart from other job candidates. I was fortunate enough to find a paid internship at a local radio station in my town (Bucyrus). As a non-traditional student with two children, this internship allows me to finish my coursework and be close to home in case of emergencies. The internship itself will provide experience in all aspects of radio, from production to programming, including sales experience and promotional event planning; I even get to write news stories and opinion essays that are published on their website. I am so fortunate for this internship experience because I get to practice and apply the skills I learned as an English major while building my resume."
133 200Nicole Britton
The Ohio State University, Strategic Communications
Richland Bank Business Banking Intern

"During my Business Banking Internship with Richland Bank, I have gained an invaluable amount of professional experience. Richland Bank has given me the opportunity to put my skills to work in many different areas of business banking. My Strategic Communications major has helped me by giving me the proper tools for communication within the organization as well as outside, with customers. I look forward to entering the professional business environment with the experience and confidence my internship has provided."