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mansfield/internships/redmond-1.jpg"We have been regularly using engineering interns and co-ops from various different universities since at least 1996. I believe internships and co-ops can be a rare win-win in the business world. The employer gets help from students who are eager to show what they’ve been learning. Students get practical opportunities to “test drive” their future career while gaining valuable experience and income. Internships are also an opportunity for both employers and students to see if there could be a long-term fit between them for employment after the student’s graduation. In fact, we have hired multiple engineers who had been either interns or co-ops with us while they were working on their degrees."

~ Craig Redmond, Director of Engineering, Gorman Rupp

Employer Registration

Any established organization seeking interns is encouraged to fill out the registration form or contact Tracy Bond. While we recognize the value of all internships, paid and unpaid, and we will make these available, we are looking for area for-profit businesses to create meaningful paid internships for our students.

Requirements: You must be an established business, make contact with the Internship Coordinator, and once connected with us you will complete the necessary paperwork to establish an internship.

1. Complete the online contact/registration form. Create your internship project job description. Need guidance? Visit the About the Internship Program page or contact Tracy, Internship Coordinator. The timeframe of the project should be relatively within the dates of students’ semester timeframes.

2. Email your description or inquiry to Tracy, Internship Coordinator. Be sure to include full details.

3. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted by Tracy for next steps.

CAUTION: If you enter a field incorrectly (an invalid email address, for example) or skip a required field, the form will return an error message but will also clear the correct fields when the page refreshes.

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