The Ohio State University at Mansfield

What can I do with a major in English?

The English major offers students the opportunity to think critically about a wide variety of literary, popular, and scholarly texts; to understand the historical and cultural contexts in which these texts are produced, disseminated, and received; and to compose critical, scholarly, and creative texts of their own. In addition to developing an understanding of important works of American and British literature from the eighth century through the present, English majors at Ohio State University Mansfield specialize in one of two academic areas,Literature and Writing, Rhetoric, & Literacy. Students choose their specialization based on their interests and career goals and may begin their English major course work without declaring a concentration. Our faculty and English advisor are always available to discuss the concentrations and students’ career goals to provide information and guidance. Contact English Coordinator, Cynthia Callahan at or (419) 755-4242, or English advisor Chris Cover Paterson at or (419) 755-4135.Because of the breadth and depth of our course offerings and the ease with which the English major can be combined with a second major or minor(s), our undergraduates are well prepared to pursue jobs and/or graduate degrees across a vast array of career fields.