The Ohio State University at Mansfield

First-Year Writing

English 1109 Intensive Writing and Reading

The first course in a two-course sequence that provides intensive practice in integrating academic reading and writing. Credit may not count toward graduation in some degree programs.

English 1110.01 First-Year English Composition

In this course, students will practice the fundamentals of expository and persuasive writing, as illustrated in the student's own writing and in the essays of professional writers. Students emerge from the course with knowledge of rhetorical analysis and production in addition to more sophisticated perspectives on chosen course themes and experience in writing and editing for publication.

English 1110.03 First-Year English Composition (Intensive)

This course involves intensive practice in fundamentals of expository writing illustrated in students’ own writing and essays of professional writers. Offered in a small class setting and linked with English 1193, an individual tutoring component, 1110.03 is available for EM credit only through the AP program. English 1193 Individual Studies. This course involves the intensive practice in the fundamentals of expository writing.