The Ohio State University at Mansfield


Theatre 2100 /Theatre 2100 HE

Instructor: Dr. Joseph Fahey

Course Description and Objectives:
This course introduces students to dramatic forms and theatre performance. We analyze dramatic literature, contemporary theatrical practices, and the roles of various production participants. Our primary objective is to foster in students an enhanced appreciation of the role of theatre and the allied arts in a vibrant society, a richer understanding of the creative process, and an improved capacity to function as a discriminating cultural citizen.

Course Teaching Methodology:
Reading, Discussion, and Lecture augmented by video presentations, e-mail discussions, and live performances.

Theatre 2811 Acting I - The Craft of Acting

Classroom: Founders Auditorium

Instructor: Dr. Joseph Fahey

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

1. Experience the process of acting as a creative act by performing both scripted and improvisational work, including solo and ensemble pieces.

2. Analyze a script and conduct research to forma basis for characterization.

3. Develop voice and body awareness.

4. Adapt speech and voice for clarity and projection.

5. Demonstrate an understanding of the rigors and self-discipline required for the creation and performance of a role, and thus begin to develop a set of skills and the means to employ them as part of establishing her own craft as an actor

6. Evaluate the work of other actors using the vocabulary and principles of acting for the stage, through establishing and refining criteria for good acting, and employing those criteria in evaluating self and others.

7. Incorporate basic Stanislavski-derived techniques into her own acting.

8. Better understand human nature.

9. Broaden capabilities to imagine, empathize, concentrate, critically observe, and forcefully express ideas.

10. Acquire greater composure (ease and naturalness of movement, speech, and thought).

Required Texts:

O’Neill, Rosary. The Actor’s Checklist: Creating the Complete Character.

Williams, Tennessee. The Glass Menagerie.

Theatre 3111  Stage Directing

Instructor: Dr. Joseph Fahey

Course Description and Objectives:
To introduce students to the basic principles, techniques, and challenges of directing for the stage. To provide practical experience in aspects of stage direction through class exercises, discussions, observations, analysis, and scene work.

Course Teaching Methodology:
In class exercises, readings, developmental directing assignments, discussion and demonstration, directorial analysis of one play, directing of one ten-minute play for performance in a public forum.

Required Texts:
Ball, William. A Sense of Direction. Additional readings as assigned.