The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Parking at Ohio State Mansfield

Parking is available in nine centrally-located lots on the Mansfield Campus. No lot is over a 10 minute walk to campus buildings, but students do need to plan to arrive in time to find an available parking place. There is presently no registration or fee for parking. Parking for motorcycles is available as well. Special parking is available for the physically disabled, and is clearly marked. These spaces should only be used by those who have a state issued handicapped license or placard prominently displayed. Contact the Ohio State Mansfield Disability Services Office at 419-755-4304 for further information.

Sufficient parking is available on campus for all students. Parking is restricted to the parking lots. Parking on the oval, along roadways & shoulders, on the grass, across white lines in the parking lots, on sidewalks, in dock areas, along curbs, adjacent to fire hydrants, in fire-lanes, behind buildings, along access drives, or in any area marked “Restricted” or “No Parking—Tow-Away Zone” is prohibited and subject to fine and possible towing. When using any of the campus parking areas, valuables should be kept out of sight, detachable stereos should be removed, and vehicles should be locked. Students should avoid using the remote parking areas during hours of darkness if possible.

Unauthorized parking in posted areas or restricted lots is prohibited. Parking rules and regulations are strictly enforced on a 24-hour basis by Ohio State Mansfield/NC State campus security and monitored by Ohio State University Department of Public Safety. Violations of such rules and regulations will result in the issuance of a parking ticket or towing of your vehicle. Failure to resolve tickets may result in impoundment of your vehicle, further fines, and/or possible suspension of course registration privileges. Parking fines from Security are payable in Riedl Hall, room 156 or can be mailed to the address on the ticket. “Traffic and Parking Appeal” forms are available at the Business Office in Riedl Hall. Appeals must be filed within five working days or the ticket is assumed valid.