TitleBeginning French III: Individualized DL
DescriptionContinued development of listening, speaking, reading and writing with an emphasis on oral and written skills; focus on functional topics and thematic vocabulary. Taught in French via distance learning. Prereq: 1101.01 and 1102.01; or completion of 4 cr hrs of 1101.51 or 1101.61, and completion of 4 cr hrs of 1102.51 or 1102.61. Not open to students with credit for 1103.01, 1103.02, 1103.03, or 1103.04; or 4 cr hrs of 1103.51. Repeatable to a maximum of 4 cr hrs or 4 completions. This course is available for EM credit. GE for lang course.
Credits1 - 4