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Major & Minor

Theatre Major

At this time students cannot complete the theatre major on the Mansfield Campus.  However, you can make significant progress toward the major here and then continue your study on main campus or at another four year institution.  To learn more about the theatre major on main campus, please go to the OSU Theatre Department’s website.

Theatre Minor

You can complete a theatre minor of the Mansfield Campus.  Any OSU students who wish to extend their knowledge of the theatre may undertake a theatre minor. As part of minoring in theatre, you are welcome and encouraged to audition and participate in all aspects of our production season.

The minor program consists of taking 24 undergraduate hours, 12 of which must be at the 300 level or above. To get started on a minor, you should consult one of our student academic advisors and the Director of Theatre to find out about course offerings, frequency of offerings, and special enrollment conditions in theatre courses. To complete your minor, you may choose from any of the theatre offerings that are open, including practicum and production courses. You may choose to specialize in one aspect of theatre or take an array of different theatre subjects. However, you do still have to observe prerequisites.