The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Meet Your Ohio State Mansfield Homecoming Court

Keenan Churchman

Hometown: Oxford, Ohio Major: Criminal Justice, Minor: Spanish/Substance Abuse Grade: Junior

Bio: Keenan serves as a RA in the Molyet Village student housing on the Mansfield campus. When asked what it means to be a Buckeye, Keenan shares, "To be a Buckeye is to have pride and be proud of who you are. Also to work hard and be able to enjoy your accomplishments."

Wyatt Clemens

Hometown: Ontario, Ohio Major: Social Work Grade: Junior

Bio: Wyatt is actively involved in the student organization Awakening on Campus, and also serves as a Buckeye Ambassador on the Mansfield campus. When asked what it means to be a Buckeye, Wyatt explains, "To me, being a Buckeye goes far beyond just being a student at THE Ohio State University, although graduating with a degree from here is a great boost for your career options. Being a Buckeye means becoming part of a multinational family that shares a friendship like no other. It also means being a leader, by serving your peers, your community, and for some, even serving internationally. Being a Buckeye means working hard to achieve your goals and striving to make a difference for a better tomorrow."

Jake Glasure

Hometown: Coshocton, Ohio Major: Education Minor: Communication Grade: Junior

Bio: Jake has been a member of the Campus Activities Board since 2015. He has also been a member of the Mansfield campus’s baseball team since 2016, and served as team captain in 2017. In addition, Jake participated in the Camp Hetuck leadership camp for incoming freshmen to the Mansfield campus in 2015. Asked what does it mean to you to be a be a Buckeye, Jake shares, "I have dreamed my whole life of being a Buckeye. Coming to Ohio State is not just attending any college. I came here to receive the best education in the country, as well as share the same love for the Buckeyes as all my peers have. Being a Buckeye means being a part of a tradition that is much bigger than one person and gaining not just friends for a lifetime, but a new family you will have for life."

Suzanna Hammond

Hometown: Lexington, Ohio Major: Child & Youth Studies Minor: Business & Theatre Grade: Senior

Bio: Suzanna has been very active on the Mansfield campus. Her involvement includes: Dean’s List 2013,2014, and 2016; volunteer note-taker for Disability Services, 2013-2015; Anthropology/Sociology Book Award recipient, Spring, 2014; Outstanding Leadership recognition at Student Success Lunch in Spring, 2014; Campus Activities Board member from 2013-2014; research assistant to Dr. Dawn Kitchen, 2014-2016; Mansfield Student Showcase in Spring, 2015; math tutor at Malabar Intermediate School through on Ohio Sate Mansfield program in Spring, 2015; Mansfield Undergraduate Research recognition in Spring, 2015; assistant stage manager for the Mansfield campus theatre production of "Damn Yankees" in Spring, 2016 and stage manager for the production of "The Pajama Game in Autumn, 2016; Mansfield campus Admissions Telecounselor, Spring 2016 to present; Science Saturdays Child Care Room Supervisor, collaboration between Ohio State Mansfield and Mansfield City Schools in Spring 2017, and Quiet Leader recognition at the Student Leadership Awards, Spring, 2017. Suzanna believes being a Buckeye means being a leader. A leader is someone who acts as a model and mentor, has integrity, is engaged in what they do and see strengths in everyone, compassionate, intelligent, outgoing and encouraging, empowered and empowering, someone who knows how to be part of a team and how to work independently, someone who takes initiative and stands up for what is right. Suzanna says, "These are the qualities of a Buckeye. A Buckeye is capable of handling anything life throws their way, because they have been taught the values and the skills they need to succeed! Buckeyes are leaders in everything they do."

Maci Hedeen

Hometown: Plymouth, Ohio Major: Child & Youth Studies Minor: History Grade: Senior

Bio: Maci is a Buckeye Ambassador on the Mansfield campus as well as a member of the student organization Club Ed. When asked what being a Buckeye means to her, Maci shares, "Being a Buckeye means being a part of something bigger than you. We are family. I love that I fit in here, and I love the opportunities that this university gives me. Just as former Ohio State Coach Woody Hayes said, it is about ’The people, the tradition, and the excellence.’ I love these people, these traditions, and this excellence."

Chloe Montgomery

Hometown: Lucas, Ohio Major: Social Work/Substance Misuse and Addictions Grade: Junior

Bio: Chloe serves as the Social Media Director for the Mansfield Social Work Student Association, serves as the Vice-president for the student organization, Best Buddies. She is an inducted member of The National Society of Leadership and Success. In addition, she serves as a Buckeye Ambassador on the Mansfield campus. Chloe’s response to what it means to be a Buckeye is, "...being a Buckeye means being a part of a family. I have formed unbreakable bonds here at Ohio State Mansfield, all while getting an education in the field that I love. I could not ask for a better college to call home."