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MSAC Bylaws

Article I:  Purpose

It shall be the purpose of The Ohio State University-Mansfield Staff Advisory Council to serve as an advisory body to the Dean and Executive Committee in matters relating to the staff of The Ohio State University-Mansfield Campus.

To accomplish this purpose, The Ohio State University-Mansfield Staff Advisory Council shall:

Serve as liaison to The Ohio State University-Mansfield Administration concerning issues affecting staff in their employment, evaluation, compensation, recognition, and professional development.

Maintain an active and participatory line of communication on behalf of and among staff.

Provide a forum through which staff can raise, discuss, and make recommendations on non-academic concerns and activities at the Mansfield Campus.

Provide a natural link with the University Staff Advisory Committee at the Columbus campus.

Article II:  Membership

Section l:  Membership of Staff

All non-union Classified Civil Service, Senior and Unclassified Administrative and Professional employees of The Ohio State University-Mansfield (herein referred to as Staff) will automatically become members upon employment.

Section ll:  Membership of The Ohio State-Mansfield Staff Advisory Council

The Ohio State-Mansfield Staff Advisory Council (herein referred to as MSAC) will consist five (5) representatives appointed by the Dean to MSAC as follows:

Administrative and Professional Staff - 2 representatives
Classified Civil Service Staff - 2 representatives
At Large (any staff member) - 1 representative

Executive Committee Representatives shall serve as ex-officio members on MSAC during the time that they are members of the Executive Committee.

MSAC appointments are for a term of two (2) years.  A member shall serve no more than two (2) consecutive two (2) year terms for a maximum of four (4) consecutive years of service, including the balance of any unexpired term initially assumed. Since ex-officio members are not appointed, their service does not count towards the four (4) years.

Any MSAC member wishing to resign shall submit her/his resignation, in writing, to the Dean.  The Dean will then inform MSAC members.

Whenever a vacancy occurs on MSAC, the Dean shall have the discretion to appoint a staff member from the alternate membership pool or from recommendations provided by MSAC members.

Article III:  Appointments to the Staff Council

A nomination form must be filed with the Dean, who will screen and review all nominations.  Staff members may either self nominate or recommend other staff members.

The Dean will submit to MSAC, her/his nominee for each opening on MSAC and a list of alternates in priority order, which shall stay in place until the next selection process occurs.

All nominees and alternates will be reviewed by MSAC, but the decision to appoint rests with the Dean.

Article IV:  Duties and Terms

All MSAC appointments will begin in January.  To ensure continuity on MSAC, the   appointments will be staggered, with the Dean appointing two or three new members each January.

The Dean shall appoint one MSAC member to initiate and organize the first MSAC meeting. MSAC members share all duties equally.

During the first meeting in January of each year, members shall appoint a chair and recorder (henceforth referred to as officers)

Officers must have served one consecutive year of service (including appointed or ex-officio) prior to election as an officer.
The Chair shall be responsible for calling and announcing meetings, setting agendas, leading meetings, and SAC correspondences with the Dean.
The Recorder will keep meeting minutes, distribute minutes for approval and send approved minutes to designated recipients as well as post any approved minutes on the MSAC website.

Only appointed MSAC members shall have voting privileges at MSAC meetings (no alternates).

Article V:  Meetings

Section l:  Meetings of the Staff

Meetings of the Staff are to get a sense of what people think about an idea, proposal, or activity to present to the Dean.

Meetings of the Staff shall be called when deemed necessary by MSAC or upon receipt of a petition.  The petition, specifying the agenda and the type of meeting requested, shall bear the names of at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the Staff.  Items listed in the proposed agenda will be published as early as possible.  Other items can be included at this special meeting if time permits.  The Dean will be consulted regarding these meetings.
Section ll: Meetings of The Ohio State University-Mansfield Staff Advisory Council

Regular meetings of MSAC will be held about once a month with a meeting notice published at least five (5) calendar days prior to the meeting.  This will provide Staff an opportunity to forward items to be discussed at the upcoming meeting.

Special meetings of MSAC can be called anytime deemed necessary by at least three (3) MSAC members.

There shall be one meeting in the month of December with the out-going and newly appointed MSAC members.  The out-going staff representatives shall schedule this December meeting.  The meeting shall be for the purpose of the transfer of materials and information.

The presence of at least three (3) MSAC members shall be required for any MSAC meeting

Matters presented at MSAC meetings will be included in the minutes to provide Staff an opportunity to voice opinions.

With the vote of MSAC, the Dean can be consulted to replace any MSAC member with two (2) consecutive, unexplained absences from regularly scheduled meetings.

Committees can be formed by a majority vote of MSAC.  Any Staff member can participate in committees.  Examples of committees could include, but not be limited to, staff recognition and awards and staff appreciation events.

MSAC shall meet once a quarter with the Dean.

Article VI:  Parliamentary Procedure

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern MSAC in all cases to which they are applicable, except in those cases where they would conflict with the Bylaws of the Staff Advisory Council.

Article VII:  Adoption of Amendments

Amendments and additions to these By-Laws shall be adopted upon two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Staff present at any Staff meeting.  Suggested amendments must be distributed to the entire staff no later than three (3) working days prior to the next Staff meeting.

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