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Life on Campus


The daily life of a college student at Ohio State Mansfield can take on many challenges. The excitement of attending classes, the demands of balancing study and sometimes work, and the thrill of keeping up with friends and extra-curricular activities make your college days a truly wonderful experience. 


It’s a great time to attend informative seminars and lectures, participate in intramural athletics and sports clubs, and enjoy arts performances and exhibitions of all types. 


The staff of our Office of Student Engagement will be happy to discuss campus and community opportunities and provide information and guidance in helping you to pursue your interests.

Ohio State Mansfield Student Life and Retention


Create a meaningful student life and academic experience for OSU-Mansfield students


The Ohio State University at Mansfield Student Life and Retention areas strive to cultivate a campus community where students can achieve academic and personal success and become responsible citizens.  Our purpose is to support the University's mission by providing services and innovative programs, encouraging student learning in and out of the classroom, and developing a diverse community. 


Guiding Principles


Holistic Education & Enrichment of Students  We are committed to the development of students, including their intellectual, social, professional, and personal growth.

Strength Through Partnerships  
We are committed to developing and maintaining strong partnerships with students, faculty, and staff throughout the University, and the community.

Integrity & Excellence  
We strive for excellence and integrity in all we do.

Professional Development
   We will promote the professional development of our staff so that we may continually provide the highest quality service to our students.

Respect for the Individual & Community
   We are committed to a climate of mutual respect, celebrating the worth of each individual while recognizing the importance of community. We value campus diversity as expressed by difference of views, culture, race, belief, sexual orientation, gender, age, or ability.





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