• Julie Mikalacki

  • Hometown:

    Medina, Ohio

  • Major:

    Business – Operating Management

  • Rank:


  • Involvement:

    Resident Adviser and Office Assistant at Molyet Village Apartments
    Get Moving Mansfield Team Captain
    Camp Hetuck Facilitator

  • What does it mean to be a Buckeye:

    Being a buckeye is more than just yelling OH-IO down the hallway at school. Being a buckeye to me is about being a leader not only on campus at OSU, but in my community. It’s about having Buckeye Pride, and celebrating that experience with others. It also is about building relationships with others and creating lifelong bonds that just like the knowledge gained here at OSU, will forever by growing. Being a Buckeye is something that I will always carry with me, and will be an education and experience that I will always treasure. 

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