Mikayla Bodey Mikayla Bodey

Mikayla Bodey

I absolutely love Ohio State Mansfield! This small community of people is my support system and I know I will always have these life-long friendships.

I began my college experience by getting involved in the SMART (Students Making a Realistic Transition) program. I think my favorite moment in the program was seeing the faculty that surrounded us there. The professors were there for us, and I specifically credit Professor Slack for taking an interest in applying course material to my major. As a result of this close relationship with top professionals in my chosen field, I feel that being a Buckeye means excellence. I am part of one of the greatest public universities in the United States and I am really proud to be a Buckeye! 

My advice to any student coming to Ohio State Mansfield is to get involved and stay involved. Since joining the SMART program, I have taken a job in the Office of Student Engagement and have been elected as President of University Chorus. I cite the SMART program as the beginning of my enthusiasm. So join SMART!


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