Crystal Brown Crystal Brown

Crystal Brown

I feel that choosing Ohio State was a no-brainer. It was an easy decision for me to make the transition to come here because ever since I was 6 years old, attending Ohio State was my dream.  I can honestly say I love being here!

My passion for Ohio State has carried over into the organizations that I participate in, namely the STEMpowerment project and the SMART (Students Making a Realistic Transition) program. I credit the SMART program, a first-year experience organization that helps students adjust to college life, for helping me adapt and meet new people. When choosing to attend Ohio State Mansfield, I was not familiar with the area, but the SMART program, helped me go from an unfamiliar place to meeting people who will be my friends for a lifetime. 

In addition to participating in the SMART program, I dedicate my time to the STEMpowerment learning community, which I truly enjoy because I get to work with other leaders on campus and have the opportunity to volunteer in the Mansfield community. I have also learned the importance of staying positive. I have become more confident in my abilities, and both programs have allowed me to find my voice as a leader.

My advice to incoming freshman is simply to get involved with the campus and the community.

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