My teaching and research interests are:

  • Nutrient biogeochemistry and eutrophication of aquatic systems

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Coastal oceanography and erosional processes

  • Environmental Health



Ozeas Costa, PhD

School of Earth Sciences

The Ohio State University at Mansfield

1680 University Drive

(office: 395 Ovalwood Hall)

Mansfield, Ohio, 44906-1599, U.S.A.

Tel: 419 755 4128

Fax: 419 755 4367


Investigating lake water quality with middle school students             Measuring stream chemistry with high school students

           Field geology with grad and undergrad students/teachers           Measuring stream chemistry with grad and undergrad students/teachers


EARTH SCI 100 - Planet Earth: How It Works

EARTH SCI 105 - Geology of the National Parks

EARTH SCI 203 - Environmental Geosciences

EARTH SCI 206 - Principles of Oceanography

EARTH SCI 580 - Standards-Based Earth Sciences for Educators

EARTH SCI 583 - Field Geology: The Mohican Watershed


"Hydrology and Geochemistry of the Clear Fork River, Ohio"

"Stream chemistry & watershed characteristics in the Mohican Watershed"

"Nutrient Biocomplexity in the Ohio River Watershed"

"ENSO teleconnections with precipitation and water availability in the Ohio River watershed"

"Nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics in an unpolluted tropical forested watershed, Panama"

"Using GIS technology to improve geographic literacy in secondary education"

"Nutrient transport, water quality and primary production in the Antigonish Harbour estuary"

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  September 2002 - August 2003
Post-Doctoral Fellow - Carbon Biogeochemistry in Soil Profiles and Porewater,
Environmental Earth Sciences Laboratory,
St. Francis Xavier University,
Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
(Supported by CFCAS)

  October 1998 - March 2002
Ph.D. in Coral Reef Ecology and Nutrient Biogeochemistry,
School of Biological Sciences,
Plymouth Environmental Research Centre,
University of Plymouth,
Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom
(Supported by University of Plymouth and CNPq)

  March 2005 - June 2007
M.Sc. in Geographic Information Systems
LUMA-GIS Centre for Geographic Information Systems,
Lund University,
Lund, Sweden
(Supported by Lund University and the European Union)

  January 1996 - May 1998
M.Sc. in Coastal Geology and Geochemistry,
Coastal Studies Laboratory,
Federal University of Bahia/UFBA,
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
(Supported by CAPES)

  March 1988 - December 1994
B.Sc. in Oceanography,
Geosciences Institute,
State University of Rio de Janeiro/UERJ,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  COSTA, O.S. Jr., LYONS, W.B., McELWEE, G.T., HARMON, R.S., CAREY, A.E., SAAS, E.J., BOUCHARD, V.L., MITASOVA, H. (in review) Nutrient Concentrations and Nitrogen Speciation in Tropical Watersheds of Central Panama. Limnology and Oceanography, 2008.

  COSTA, O.S. Jr., BOUDREAU, J. (in review) Nutrient transport, water quality and primary production in the Antigonish Harbour Estuary. Estuaries and Coasts, 2008.

  COSTA, O.S. Jr., NIMMO, M., ATTRILL, M.J. (2008) Coastal nutrification in Brazil: A review of the role of nutrient excess on coral reef demise. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 25: 257-270.

  COSTA, O.S. Jr. (2007) Anthropogenic nutrient pollution of coral reefs in Southern Bahia, Brazil. Brazilian Journal of Oceanography, 55: 265-279.

  COSTA, O.S. Jr., ATTRILL, M.J., NIMMO, M. (2006) Seasonal and spatial controls on the delivery of excess nutrients to nearshore and offshore coral reefs of Brazil. Journal of Marine Systems, 60: 63-74.

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  COSTA, O.S. Jr., ATTRILL, M.J., PEDRINI, A.G., DE-PAULA, J.C. (2002). Spatial and seasonal distribution of seaweeds on coral reefs from Southern Bahia, Brazil. Botanica Marina, Volume 45(4): 346-355.

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PhD Dissertation (Nutrification and its effects on coral reefs from Southern Bahia, Brazil)

  Front matter (Abstracts; Table of Contents; List of Figures and Tables)
  Chapter 1 - Introduction
  Chapter 2 - Study Area
  Chapter 3 - Materials and Methods
  Chapter 4 - Additional Environmental Measurements
  Chapter 5 - Patterns of Nutrient Distribution
  Chapter 6 - Benthic Community Survey
  Chapter 7 - General Discussion and Conclusions