The Ohio State University at Mansfield

Diversity & Inclusion

Because the citizens of our communities, our nation, our world are so diverse, it is of paramount importance for each of us to learn to regard one another with dignity and respect. Ohio State Mansfield promotes the respect and equitable treatment of all who learn, work and socialize upon our campus. We truly embrace the inclusive sentiments of our mantra, “one campus, one university”.

Ohio State Mansfield defines "diversity and inclusion" broadly. Diversity refers to the variety of differences and similarities/dimensions among people, such as age, class/caste, culture, education, disability, gender identity or expression, generation, geography, language, nationality, race/ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, tribal/indigenous origins, work style, work experience, job role and function, thinking style, personality type, veteran status, and military status.

Inclusion refers to how diversity is leveraged to create a fair, equitable, healthy and high-performing organization or community where all individuals are respected, feel engaged and motivated, and their contributions toward meeting organizational and societal goals are valued.”*

Ohio State Mansfield values diversity in people and ideas; and, we are committed to providing all of its students with optimal opportunities for academic and social success. At Ohio State Mansfield, we offer programs to appeal to unique and varied groups while working towards the ideal of an all-embracing, inclusive campus. This is a supportive community where students can comfortably join in or confidently stand out-your choice! Every student, staff and faculty member has something to contribute—every Buckeye counts!