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Student ID Card - Community Discounts Page


All new Ohio State University-Mansfield and North Central State College students should come to the Campus Recreation Center to have a Student Identification Card produced.


What is needed in order to obtain a Student ID?
A Photo ID (preferably a Driver's License) & a Fees Paid Sticker


How do you obtain a Fees Paid Sticker?
Once a student pays their school fees to OSU-M or NCSC, they will receive their fees paid sticker that validates their ID on campus for one quarter. Each quarter students must obtain their new fees paid sticker and place it on the back of their Student ID over the old sticker or somewhere above the magnetic strip to make the ID valid each quarter they attend school.


Where do you get the Fees Paid Stickers?
Ohio State Mansfield stickers may be obtained from the Business Office in Riedl Hall.
NCSC stickers may be obtained from the Cashiers Office in Fallerius Hall.


The Campus Recreation Center requires a current validated student ID card upon entry into the building in order to use the facilities, services, and equipment. The student ID is also necessary for many other campus activities and services including the Student Activities Center, the Library, the Bookstore, all Computer Labs, and more.