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Spotlight on Christian Winterbottom!


Spotlight on Dr. Winterbottom!



Dr. Winterbottom, Assistant Professor of Education (Teaching and Learning) at The Ohio State University-Mansfield, has been conducting research in the field of education since he, himself was an undergraduate at Florida State University. Dr. Winterbottom’s research is specialized in service-learning and also working with immigrant and ethnic minority groups. Dr. Winterbottom came to the U.S. from England nine years ago to attend Florida State University. While there, two of his professors were very keen on service-learning and needed someone to help. He assisted them and it helped him learn and understand how research is done.

Dr. Winterbottom is currently working on a number of research studies. Recently, he conducted a study in two British primary schools where he examined the experiences of ethnic minority children attending British schools as well as studying the experiences and barriers of Japanese immigrant families in Florida’s early childhood education system. Additionally, Dr. Winterbottom is involved in research right here on the OSU-Mansfield campus in the Child Development Center and statewide on service-learning projects. Dr. Winterbottom works to assist students in conducting research with data collection, data analysis, and literature collection. He then encourages the students to attend conferences where they can present their data and research findings.

Dr. Winterbottom’s research has shown continual success – at present, he has multiple articles in various stages of publication. He looks forward to publishing two more books, one centering on immigration diversity and the other on service-learning. Since his college career, research has been a part of life for Dr. Winterbottom. He states, “My work and school career evolved around research, so this is a natural progression for me.”

Dr. Winterbottom enthusiastically invites students to assist in his research. Interested students can contact him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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