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Welcome Parents and Families!


At The Ohio State University at Mansfield, your student’s future success is our top priority.  Whether your student is living at the Molyet Village Apartments, commuting from the local area, or planning to finish a degree at the Columbus campus, we understand and appreciate the fundamental role parents and families play in the college experience and want to partner with you to ensure your student’s success at OSU Mansfield. Beginning with freshman orientation and continuing all the way through commencement, our faculty and staff strive to assist students in experiencing The Ohio State University to the fullest and prepare them for their futures in the professional work field.


By attending The Ohio State University at Mansfield, your student is joining a rich and thriving Buckeye Culture and is gaining access to, not only the many resources and possibilities that our small campus offers, but is also connecting with The Ohio State University as a whole, where the possibilities for success are truly endless.



Your student’s academic success is our goal.  For more information regarding our academic calendar, or program opportunities please see the links below.


Academic Calendar— Each academic year is broken into three semesters: Autumn, Spring, and Summer.  Click here to stay informed on when important events like final exams occur.

Class Schedule— A typical class schedule consists of 15 credit hours.  Stay informed with your student’s schedule here.

Majors and Programs— Is your student entering college with an undeclared or exploring major?  Check out our 175 majors and programs to see what may be a good fit for your student.

Research— The Ohio State University takes pride in their research and the opportunities offered to students.  Learn more about our undergraduate research available right here on the Mansfield campus.


Stay Current

Like you, your student will have a very active and busy schedule.  Stay updated with the latest news, events, and information with the following resources.

The Lantern— This is the student newpaper/newsletter based out of the Columbus campus.  The Lantern will be a great resource for students who plan on transitioning to the Columbus Campus.

Arts and Lectures Series— The office of student life hosts monthly arts and lectures series events for students on the Mansfield campus.  All events are free unless specified. 

Safety Information— Stay updated on the latest alerts and campus safety information.

Change Personal Information— To continue to receive OSU updates through email/mail, be sure to update your contact information here.



The Office of Student Affairs is normally open between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Our financial aid area has a very knowledgeable staff that can assist parents, families, and students with a variety of questions. 

Anyone who needs to see a financial aid counselor is encouraged to make an appointment at least a day in advance. An appointment can be made in person or by calling the Office of Student Affairs at (419) 755-4317.


Important Links


Scholarships— Scholarships are awarded in various areas.  University scholarships, as well as, off-campus funds are available for students.  Additionally, merit-based and need-based scholarships are available.


Financial Aid— Financial Aid is available for all students who apply to OSU Mansfield.  The award amount is based on the FAFSA


BuckID management— There are a number of local discounts available with the BuckID and the list grows everyday.  Stay updated on BuckID discounts to take advantage of the many benefits OSU students receive. 


Registrar— To register for courses, change your addresses, view your grades or class schedule, check your Statement of Account, or view your financial aid and more, visit the registrar.



Other helpful links for parents and families:


Housing— The Molyet Village is the university-owned, apartment style, housing for the Mansfield campus.  Click here to find out about important dates and information regarding housing.


Health and Wellness— At OSU-M, we understand the importance of your student’s wellness.  Explore the health and wellness resources available, here.


Office of Disability Services— ODS evaluates students' documentation and recommends academic accommodations based on their disabilities and needs. A student handbook, describing ODS's services, policies, and procedures is also available.


There are a number of unique features and activities in North Central Ohio that your student will enjoy.

The Ohio State Reformatory    


Mid Ohio Sports Car Course


Malabar Farm State Park    


Snow Trails Ski Resort


Mohican State Park       


Mansfield Renaissance Theater


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