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Rather than participating in experiments, you have the option to write research papers worth one (1) credit each. You may select any article from the journal Psychological Science and write a 2-3 page paper addressing the five (5) questions indicated below. To receive credit, your paper must be typed, with complete citation information for the article you read, and should have at least five (5) distinct, well-developed paragraphs that answer the following questions:

1. Why did the researcher do this study?
2. How was the study carried out? (summarize the methodology)
3. What do the researcher's results indicate?
4. What is your personal interpretation of the article? (such as how you might apply the findings to your own life, or what new directions future research should take)
5. How does this paper relate to what have learned in your general psychology class?

When you submit your paper, please be sure to attach a copy of the article. Papers are due no later than the last day of class.