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Graduate Program

Master of Arts (M.A.) program

A program designed for licensed teachers who want to expand their areas of licensure or knowledge of teaching. It can be tailored to meet students' needs, interests, and aspirations. Areas of concentration include but are not limited to Children's Literature & Literacy, Multicultural Education & Social Studies, Early Childhood, and Math, Science, & Technology.

The School of Teaching and Learning offers an M.A. program that serves practicing teachers at all levels (preschool, elementary, middle, high school) and provides an important first step for graduate students who wish to pursue a doctorate and become scholars and teachers at the university level. Students in this program experience a program that is committed to developing reflective practitioners, facilitating social justice orientations that enable graduates to become agents of change in their settings, and ensuring that graduates are skillful users of academic, disciplinary knowledge.

The program provides a foundation for previously certified or licensed teachers who are interested in offering educational services in a wide variety of settings, including public schools, social service fields that develop programming for children and young adults, education departments in museums, or educational service programs connected with park and recreational systems. Many students design programs of study that include the coursework required for one of the Endorsements offered by the School of Teaching and Learning.

At the Mansfield Campus, each M.A. student will be assigned a faculty advisor, with whom the student will develop a program of study that includes the M.A. core classes, a set of focused study courses and experiences that facilitate the professional and scholarly development of the student, and a master's final project.

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How to Apply

New Graduate Degree Seeking Students
  • All individuals interested in graduate programs at OSU must apply online to the graduate school.
  • For further information, questions or to schedule an appointment with the Academic Advisor, please call 419-755-4317.
New Graduate Non-Degree Seeking Students
  • For students who are interested in taking a few classes without pursuing a graduate degree, the graduate non-degree option is available.
  • Apply online
  • For further information or questions or to schedule an appointment with the Academic Advisor, please call 419-755-4317.
Returning Graduate Students
  • Returning graduate students must reactivate their status with the graduate school.
  • For students who have been away from the university for two or more years, a faculty signature is required for reactivation. Please contact the Education Department Coordinator. If students need other assistance with this reactivation process, please schedule an appointment with the Academic Advisor at 419-755-4317.
About the Master of Arts Degree
  • More information about the degree
  • Please contact the Education Department Coordinator or the Academic Advisor at 419-755-4317 if you need more information or have specific questions about the program.
Checklist for Application
Financing a Graduate Degree

Proposed Graduate Course Offerings Autumn 2016-Summer 2017

Autumn Semester 2016

  • T&L 5282, Social Transitions of 4th and 5th Grade Learners, ONLINE, 4th/5th Generalist Endorsement, 3 credits
  • T&L 5470, Assessment & Instruction for Struggling Readers, HYBRID, Reading Endorsement, 3 credits

Spring Semester 2017

  • T&L 5284, Integrating Language Arts and Social Studies in 4th/5th Grades, ONLINE, 4th/5th Generalist Endorsement, 3 credits
  • T&L 5471, Clinical Practice in Treating Reading Disabilities, Reading Endorsement, 3 credits
  • T&L 7428, Trends & Issues in Teaching Reading, Reading Endorsement, 3 credits

Summer Session 2017

  • T&L 5281, Development of 4th/5th Grade Learners Across Curriculum, ONLINE, 4th/5th Generalist Endorsement, 3 credits
  • T&L 5283, Teaching, Math, Science & Culture in 4th/5th Grades, ONLINE, 4th/5th Generalist Endorsement, 3 credits
  • T&L 7701, Mathematics Teaching & Learning in Elementary & Middle School, P-6 Mathematics Endorsement, 3 credits