The Ohio State University at Mansfield


How do I order an official transcript?

Official transcripts need to be ordered directly from the Columbus campus. The easiest way it to request an official transcript is online by going to BuckeyeLink and selecting Ordering Transcripts. Current students can access an unofficial transcript by going to their Student Center (BuckeyeLink, log in, select 'Generate Advising Report' under the Academics section). Please refer to the FAQ about transcripts.

What is a degree audit, and how do I run one?

A degree audit is a document that serves as a road map towards your OSU degree. You can run a degree audit for any OSU major. It outlines all the requirements for a particular major, and shows you what courses you have fulfilled and which ones you still have remaining. When a degree audit shows all general education classes and major classes fulfilled or in progress, that means you may be eligible to graduate!

Even though the degree audit is a wonderful tool, it is not a substitute to checking in with an academic advisor periodically. The degree audit does not provide helpful information such as: which courses should be a scheduling priority, how to declare or apply to your major, course prerequisites, and when courses may be offered. Please use the degree audit tool in combination with the assistance of an advisor.

The degree audit program is called DARSweb.

Instructions on how to run a degree audit.  (pdf)

How can I schedule classes online?

Instructions for current Ohio State Mansfield students. If you are a future student you will register for classes at orientation. Previous students might need to re-activate their student status before they can schedule. Please call 419-755-4317 to make an appointment with an advisor. Please also see questions about important dates and deadlines and enrollment appointments so you know when you are eligible to register for courses.

What is the Schedule Planner?

The Schedule Planner is an online tool to help you design your course schedule. You list the possible classes and the Schedule Planner comes up with a graphical view of possible schedules so you can select the one you want the most. Instructions in using the Schedule Planner (pdf).

What are the important dates and deadlines for each term?

Any time you click on the calendar icon from your Student Center, you will be sent to the Registrar’s website for important date and deadline information. Information on that site can tell you the deadlines to add/drop/withdraw from classes, registration information, and the academic calendar.

What is the wait list?

A wait list forms when a class is full. It indicates a student's desire to enroll in the course if a seat becomes open. You can add yourself to the wait list for the specific section(s) of the course by clicking on the Wait List box when adding classes online. You must meet all prerequisites for the course before you can be wait-listed for the course.

You are added into a course from the Wait List on a “first-on, first-off” basis as space becomes available. The computer system will automatically add you if a seat becomes available and you are #1 on the wait list as long as you meet the prerequisites for the course and you do not have a time conflict with another class. If you do not have the prerequisites, or have a time conflict, the computer will skip you and move on to the next person. If you do get added to a wait-listed class, you will get an email notification.

The wait list will remain active through the 1st Friday of the semester. Please check the “My Class Schedule” link on your student center for your wait list number, or to see if you became enrolled in the course.

If the wait list does not add you to the class and you have a low waitlist number, you can go to class the first day and ask the instructor for permission to enroll. If permission is given (via the instructing signing the course enrollment permission form) please go to 104 Riedl Hall or call 419-755-4317 to schedule an appointment or walk-in time with your academic advisor to officially add the class.

Please note that being on a wait list does NOT mean you are enrolled in the class. You will not be charged tuition for a class or earn a final grade for a class until you become officially enrolled in it.

When can I schedule for the future term?

Your enrollment appointment indicates your first opportunity to register for classes on-line for the next term. This date is based on your class rank (Senior, Junior, Sophomore, Freshman), with priority given to upper classmen, honors students, and those with documented disabilities. It is recommended that you schedule As soon as your enrollment appointment allows. Click on the “details” link under the ENROLLMENT DATE on the right hand side of your Student Center for specific day and time information. Enrollment appointments are usually not assigned until the 5th week of the current term for the future term.

Where can I access a course schedule?

For Mansfield only classes, go to the Ohio State Mansfield website, highlight the 'Academics' link, and then select 'Course Schedules'. Usually there is an icon on the homepage of our website as well.

For any Ohio State University campus you must use the 'Search for Classes' link on your Student Center to look up course offerings for all of the Ohio State campuses, including the Columbus campus. You can narrow you search by selecting your desired term, course subject, course number, and campus. Each class links to a Class Detail page that includes a Status Indicator with a color code. The status indicator shows whether a class is:

open open

wait listed icon_waitlist

closed icon_closed

By hitting 'Additional Search Criteria' you can search for courses that fulfill specific GE categories or even specific times or days. Instructions with step by step pictures. This can be used in conjunction with your DARSweb degree audit.

The general public can search the schedule at Buckeye Link.