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Name Position Phone
Abedon, Stephen Associate Professor, Microbiology 419-755-4343
Adkins, Gerald Maintenance Repair Worker 419-755-4322
Alexander, Bill Ed. T&L 419-755-4305
Anderson, Lyndsey Academic Advisor 419-755-4362
Armstrong, Heather Office Assistant, Business Office 419-755-4386
Applegate, Laura Library Media Technical Assistant 419-755-4348
Arena, Joseph Lecturer, History 419-755-4126
Arnold, Tara Lecturer, Ed. T&L 419-755-4270
Au, David Instructional Media Specialist 419-755-4315
Bauer, Bill Academic Advisor 419-755-4233
Bailey, Sheldon VAP, Physics/Astronomy 419-755-4148
Bautz, Laurna Laborer 419-755-4390
Berra, Tim Professor Emeritus, Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology 419-755-4310
Boehler, Chris Lecturer, General Biology 419-755-4309
Bond, Charlene Custodial Worker 419-755-4149
Bond, Tracy OSU-M/NCSC Internship Program Coordinator 419-755-4325
Borden, Jennifer Financial Aid Specialist 419-755-4223
Bowen, Rachel Assistant Professor, Political Science 419-755-4118
Bowes, Fran Academic Advisor 419-755-4135
Brunell, Amy Assistant Professor, Psychology 419-755-4119
Brown, Carol Lecturer, Social Work 419-755-4262
Bucci, Terri Associate Professor, Education T & L 419-755-4243
Butts, Daniel Lecturer, History of Art 419-755-4381
Byles, Jan Security Officer 419-755-4218
Caibar, Mirel Associate Professor, Mathematics 419-755-4360
Callahan, Cynthia Associate Professor, English 419-755-4242
Cavender, Mollie Associate Professor, History 419-755-4318
Chmutov, Sergei Professor, Mathematics 419-755-4287
Close, Amy Lecturer, Social work 419-755-4262
Cohen, Paula Lecturer, Communications 419-755-4123
Colpitts, Karen Lecturer, Business 419-755-5364
Constantinou, Stavros Associate Professor, Geography 419-755-4335
Corso, Virginia Academic Advisor, Counselor for Education, Academy, and Seniors to Sophomores 419-755-4232
Costa, Ozeas Associate Professor, Earth Sciences 419-755-4128
Creasap, Ted Statistics 419-755-4236
Dahlstrand. Ted Associate Professor Emeritus, History 419-755-4105
Delagrange, Susan Associate Professor, English 419-755-4235
Delaney, Deidre Grant Writer 419-755-4264
Distel, Lynn Lecturer, Women Studies 419-755-4347
Donelson, Randal Lecturer, Education 419-755-4358
Drain, Christina Advancement Manager 419-755-4111
Dumbeck, Erich Lecturer, Social work 419-755-4262
Eastern, Terrilynn Lecturer, Math 419-755-4208
Ellis, Mark Professor Emeritus, Music 419-755-4212
Elkins, Travis Network Systems Specialist 419-755-4375
Ellsworth, Bill Lecturer, Social Work 419-755-4262
Fahey, Joseph Associate Professor, Theatre 419-755-4276
Ernsberger, Laura Lecturer, Social Work 419-755-4262
Farland-Smith, Donna Associate Professor, Educ T & L 419-755-4305
Fast, Rebecca Senior Lecturer, English 419-755-4374
Ferguson III, John Network Systems Specialist, Office of the Chief Information Officer 419-755-4200
Fisher, Terri Professor, Psychology and Assistant Dean 419-755-4280
Fleischaker, Rachel Statistics 419-755-4212
Foltz, Kay Library Operations Manager 419-755-4013
Foster, Pam Lecturer, Mathematics 419-755-4293
Fox, Bradley Lecturer, Social Work 419-755-4262
Fox, Terri Advancement Coordinator 419-755-4116
Frank, Shelly Dean's Administrative Assistant 419-755-4213
Freytag, Carol Fiscal Officer 419-755-4214
Gavazzi, Stephen Prof, Human Development & Family Science, Dean & Director, Mansfield Campus 419-755-4221
Gibson, Bob Lecturer, English 419-755-4018
Gray, Rebecca Web & Graphic Design Specialist 419-755-4376
Gregory, Thomas Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
Grimm, Laura Special Programs Coordinator 419-755-4203
Griffiths, Tom Lab Preparator 419-755-4252
Guyton, Mary Lecturer, Kinesiology 419-755-4236
Hamman, Rebecca Office Associate and HR Assistant 419-755-4211
Harris, Mary Lou Lecturer, Education P & L 419-755-4258
Hartz, Glenn Professor, Philosophy 419-755-4354
Hawk, Mary Jo Program Manager, Social Work 419-755-4262
Hay, Kayla Office Associate, Business Office 419-755-4217
Heck, Tracey Lecturer, Education 419-755-4270
Hersman, Margaret Lecturer, Education T & L 419-755-4270
Hight, Donna Chief Student Life and Retention Officer 419-755-4034
Hoffer, Jeff Campus Police 419-755-4210
Howard, Lou Ann Lecturer, Social Work 419-755-4351
Ireland, Ann Office Associate 419-755-4140
Jones, Norman Coordinator & Associate Professor, English 419-755-4028
Joyce, Steven Associate Professor, German 419-755-4284
Joyce, Mary Lecturer, French/Spanish 419-755-4285
Kahrl, TImothy Assistant Professor Emeritus, History
Katsaounis, Tena Lecturer, Statistics 419-755-4032
Kehl, Tricia Lecturer, Education 419-755-4270
Kennedy, Gary Professor, Mathematics 419-755-4291
Kinstle, George Lecturer, Chemistry 419-755-4131
Kinney, Andrew Lecturer, English 419-755-4153
Kitchen, Dawn Associate Professor, Anthropology and Associate Professor EEOB, Courtesy Appointment 419-755-4027
Knapp, Kenneth Security Officer 419-755-4218
Kolkovich, Elizabeth Assistant Professor, English 419-755-4281
Kowalski, Michelle Lecturer, Sociology 419-755-4260
Kraps, Vanessa Head Librarian 419-755-4029
LaCroix, Mike Director of Athletics and Recreation 419-755-4048
Landry, Carol Associate Professor, EEOB 419-755-4120
Langjahr, Gary "Butch" MR3 419-755-4390
Lanious, Patty Lecturer. Theatre
Laser, Wendy Lecturer, Education PAES 419-755-4125
Lehman, Barbara Professor Emeritus of Teaching and Learning, Education T & L
Leedy, Allyson Lecturer, Education T&L 419-755-4240
Li, Wenfei Senior Lecturer, Engineering 419-755-4311
Lillo, Tina Administrative Assistant 419-755-4212

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