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Costa, Ozeas



Associate Professor, Earth Sciences


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Phone: 419-755-4128

Fax: 419-755-4367

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Other information

Other information:

Post-doc (2003 - Carbon Geochemistry) St Francis Xavier University, Canada
Ph.D. (2002 - Biogeochemistry) University of Plymouth, United Kingdom
M.Sc. (1998 - Geology) Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil
B.Sc. (1994 - Oceanography) Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Aqueous Geochemistry
Nutrient Pollution and Eutrophication
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

I was Born August 30, 1968 in Sao Luis, the island capital of the Maranhao State, northern Brazil. I started my academic career in Physics, in 1987, but moved to Geosciences in the following year. I received my Bachelor of Science with Honors in Oceanography in 1994. After a sabbatical year I started a master's in Coastal and Sedimentary Geology at the Federal University of Bahia, working with nutrient dynamics and sedimentation in Brazilian coral reefs. Upon my graduation, in May 1998, I received a scholarship from the Brazilian Research Council (CNPq) to undertake doctoral studies at the Plymouth Environmental Research Centre (University of Plymouth) in the UK. My PhD research, under the direction of Drs. Martin Attrill and Malcolm Nimmo, focused on the effects of nutrification on the community structure of coral reefs living in highly turbid environments. I received my PhD in 2002 and moved to Canada, where I worked on soil carbon biogeochemistry as a post doctoral fellow of the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Science (CFCAS). In 2003 I joined the faculty of the Department of Earth Sciences at St Francis Xavier University, where I taught Oceanography, Introduction to GIS, and Environmental Health, until moving to Ohio State in 2006.

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