TitleThe American Experience
DescriptionAn intermediate course that extends and refines expository writing and analytic reading skills, with an emphasis on style and an introduction to documentation, with major topics pertaining to the United States. 367.01H (honors) may be available to students enrolled in an honors program or by permission of department or instructor. Prereq for 367.01, 367.02, 367.03, 367.04, 367.05, 367.06, 367.07: Credit for 110 through regular course enrollment and soph standing; or EM credit for 110; or a declared major in English. Not open to students with credit for 210, 267, H267, 301, 303, 305, or 367. Only one English 367 decimal subdivision may be taken for credit. GEC second writing and social diversity course. E367.01 may be available for honors embedded experience at the regional campuses.