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OSU Mansfield Rental Classified Request

The Ohio State University-Mansfield does not accept requests from individuals looking for roommates, individuals looking for live in help, etc.  We do, however, accept information from those individuals or property managers wishing to make information available regarding empty housing units they may wish to rent to students.

Please identify yourself and your property and provide information that would be helpful to students looking for housing. Submitted information will be reviewed and posted on the Mansfield Area Rental Classifieds section of this site (usually within 48 hours). Please submit only one form per property. Items marked with an * are required. Direct questions to Dr. Donna L. Hight, Chief Student Affairs Officer, OSU-M at hight.6@osu.edu or call 419-755-4034. Requests can be submitted in person at Riedl Hall, Room 104 on the OSU-M campus.

We appreciate your interest in assisting students with housing options!

Name of Owner of Unit(s)*:

Street Address of Units:

City:   State:   Zip:



Web Link:

Number of Bedrooms:   Bathrooms:

Layout (duplex, townhome, house, etc):



Distance to OSU-M:


Any other useful information (utilities, other amenities, on the bus line, co-signer, parents sign lease, pets, special programs/rates for OSU-M students, etc.):