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  Voice Mail

Guidelines for Meridian Mail Voice Messaging

Meridian Mail Voice Messaging lets you know when you have new messages. Your phone will have a message waiting light.

When you log in to your mailbox, your mailbox summary tells you the number of new messages in your message list and if any of them are urgent.  The summary also tells you if any recorded messages are unsent. Each message header tells you the sender’s name, the date, phone number and time of the message.

Meridian Mail Voice Messaging is provided for many of the phone stations throughout the campus. General directions are given below. If you should require further assistance a voice mail booklet will be provided for you.

To Log In For The First Time

1.    Your system administrator will give you a temporary password that you can change the first time you log in.
2.    Decide on a new password.  Passwords must be a least four characters. Choose a password that is easy to remember.
3.    Follow the login steps below, using your temporary password. When you are asked to enter a new password, follow the prompts.

To Log In

You can log in to your mailbox from any phone. When logging in from your office     phone you may be able to press a message key instead of dialing the access number (internal # 4050 or off campus # 419-755-4050)

1.    Dial the Meridian Mail Voice Messaging access number, or press the message key on your phone.
2.    Enter the mailbox number, then press #.  If you are at your office phone, just press #.
3.    Enter your password, then press #.

You are now in your mailbox and can use all the message list commands.

To Disconnect

When you have finished your Meridian Mail Voice Messaging session, press 83 to disconnect, or simply hang up.

Changing Your Password

When you log in for the first time, you should change your temporary password. After that, you can change your password as often as you require.
 The minimum length for all passwords is 4 characters.

To Change Your Password

1.            While logged in to your mailbox, press 84.
2.            Enter your new password, then press #.
            You may see dashes instead of numbers if you have a display phone.
3.            Enter your new password again, then press #.
4.            Enter your old password, then press #.

If you forget your password, your system administrator can assign you a temporary password.  Log in with the temporary password, then change it immediately.

Recording Greetings

You can record external, internal, and temporary greetings.  Callers from outside your organization hear your external greeting; callers within your organization hear your internal greeting.  If you don’t record an internal greeting, all callers hear your external greeting.
You can record a temporary greeting to tell your callers that you are away from the office.  All callers hear your temporary greeting if you record one.  Tell your callers the times or dates of your absence, and if you will retrieve your messages while you are away.
Keep your greetings brief and informative, and speak clearly.  Check each greeting by playing it after you record it.  Call your number from an external phone to check if your organization has a system greeting that plays to external callers before your greeting.

To Record Your Greeting

1.    While logged in to your mailbox, press 82.
2.    Press 1 for external greeting, 2 for internal greeting, or 3 for temporary greeting.
3.    Press 5 to record.  Wait for the tone, then record your greeting.
4.    Press # to end the recording.

To Play, Delete, Or Re-record Your Greeting

While at your greeting, you can play, delete, or re-record it.

1.    To play your greeting, press 2
2.    To delete your greeting, press 76.
3.    To re-record your greeting, add to the end of it, or re-record part of it, press 5 at the point in the greeting where you want to start.  Record a new greeting, then press #.  The new recording erases the old one from the place where you start to re-record.

To Set The Expiry Date For Your Temporary Greeting

You can set an expiry month, day, and time for your temporary greeting.  When the temporary greeting expires, your callers will hear your external or internal greeting.

1.    While at your temporary greeting, press 9 to set the expiry date.
2.    Enter the month, day, and time, pressing # after each entry.
3.    For the current month or day, just press #.
4.    For a time setting of 9:00, press 900#.  For a.m., press 1, for p.m., press 2.  Or, for the standard expiry time of one minute after midnight on the date you specified, press # for time.
5.    For no expiry, press ####.

If you do not set an expiry date, or if you press # for month, day, and time, your temporary greeting will remain in effect until you delete it.

To Return to Your Messages

When you have finished recording your greetings, press 4.

Recording Your Name

Your personal verification is used in your greetings and addressed messages, and in Express Messaging, Name Dialing, and Remote Notification announcements.  Keep your personal verification as brief as possible, and speak clearly.

To Record a Personal Verification

1.    While logged in to your mailbox, press 89.
        You hear your current personal verification if there is one.
2.    Press 5 to record.  Wait for the tone, then record your name.
3.    Press # to end the recording.

To Play, Delete, or Re-record Your Personal Verification

You can play, delete, or re-record your personal verification the same way as your greetings.  See recording greetings.  If you delete your personal verification, your callers hear just your mailbox number or your name spelled one letter at a time.

To Return to Your Messages

When you have finished recording your personal verification, press 4.