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Faculty telephones may be used to call:

On campus    4xxx
Voice Mail 4050
On campus NC State 81-4xxx
Off campus Mansfield 9-419-xxx-xxxx
Columbus, on campus 82-2-xxxx, 82-3-xxxx, or 82-4-xxxx, 82-8-xxxx
Columbus, off campus 82-9-614-xxx-xxxx
Other regional campuses 82-2-xxxx, 82-5-xxxx
Toll Free 9-1-800-xxx-xxxx
Long distance 82-1-PLUS #-xxx-xxx-xxxx (Wait for dial tone after 1 and after Plus#)

The Associate Dean's office assigns PLUS numbers to allow long distance calling for each faculty member.  Personal long distance calls should not be made from University phones.  If, under exceptional circumstances, it becomes neces­sary to make a personal long distance call from a University telephone, you should reverse charges or use a calling card.  In rare cases, it may be necessary to reimburse the University for a call. Records are kept in the Business Office.