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Summer Teaching

During autumn quarter we begin building the summer schedule for the following summer.  Our schedule is largely dictated by student needs, as demonstrated through sufficient enrollment demand to support the courses.  In some cases instructors have chosen to teach summer quarter as part of their normal teaching load, taking another quarter off duty.  Generally, however, faculty teach in the summer on an overload basis.  Although we solicit recommendations from the faculty, there is no guarantee of summer teaching.  With occa­sion­al exceptions, summer teaching involves a single course, compensated at one‑ninth of the preceding year's salary, assuming adequate enrollment.  If enrollment is inadequate to support the cost of offering a particular course, the instructor generally has the option of accepting reduced compensation, rather than have the course cancelled.  At the present time, we schedule two five‑week summer terms, a concurrent eight‑week term, and occa­sional one‑week workshops in education.  Scheduling is dictated by course content and demands, as well as student needs.

Probationary faculty are discouraged from overload summer teaching because of the demands of scholarship.  However, the Dean/Director may give approval for such teaching if a strong case can be made either in person or in writing.