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Student Workers

Students are an important component of the work force at OSU-Mansfield.  In most cases, student workers are participants in the Federal Work-Study Program, which subsidizes part-time employment for students who qualify for financial assistance in meeting the costs of college.  Most important for departmental budgets, the U.S. Department of Education pays 75% of the wages for work-study students.

Supervisors who wish to hire work-study students should first submit an approved form to the Associate Dean.  If approved, the request will be sent to the Federal Work-Study Coordinator (Student Services).  That person will assist supervisors in determining if the particular program or office is eligible for work-study students, and will help in creating appropriate job descriptions, and will begin the process of matching students with open positions.  Supervisors will be provided with information concerning the regulations of the Federal Work-Study Program.

It is important to remember that the number of subsidized hours that any work-study student can work in a year is limited by the size of his or her award.  Once the awarded hours have been exhausted, the department must pay 100% of the student’s wages.  Because of the effect of such a change on the campus budget, approval for any work-study student to work beyond his or her awarded hours must be approved in advance by the Associate Dean.