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Student Assistants

The use of undergraduate students for sub‑professional assistance is available to Mansfield campus faculty.  Students are assigned on an individual basis according to the guidelines listed below.  Because our mission is to provide excellent teaching and counseling, we should make every effort to assure that assistants are not permitted to perform beyond their capabilities.  Assistance should be limited to university business and under no circumstances is an assistant to replace the instruc­tor in an instructional capacity.

The main purpose of the program is to relieve the instructor of an extraordinary teaching load.  If possible, instructors are encouraged to provide enriching experiences for student assis­tants as well as the more routine activities.  The responsibility for the specific assignment of duties and monitoring work rests with the individual instructor.

A.            Duty Limitation:
             1. If they are hired to help with course-related work, students se­lec­ted should have had experience in the course, and those who have taken advanced courses should be given preference.
            2.   Student employment is available only to registered stu­dents.
            3.     While the position is considered a "job," it is also an honor, providing the student with the opportunity to enlarge his or her skills and knowledge by working with a professional person.
            4.            Student assistants' duties could include:
                        a.  taking attendance.
                        b.   maintaining routine clerical records, under direct supervision of the faculty member.
                        c.   grading "objective" examinations (when in doubt, such as completion type objective exams, instructor should not ask assistant to grade).
                         d.  setting up laboratory ex­periments un­der the direct supervision of the faculty member.
                         e.  assisting studen­ts during laboratory periods under the direct supervision of the instructor.
                         f.   aiding in the development of new or revised educational materials for specific courses.
                        g.  helping with a research project or a committee assignment.
B.            Approvals:
                   1.     All requests for student assistants must be approved by the Associate Dean on a quarter-by-quarter basis.
                   2.     Requests will be approved if:
                        a.     the faculty member is teaching 100 or more students in a given quarter.
                        b.     the Professional Development Committee has approved student work as part of a seed grant or small grant.
                        c.     an external grant has designated funds for such workers.
                        d.      there are several faculty members in a given department who agree to share the services of a student worker.
                         e.      there is an extraordinary circumstance that merits extra help and this extra help has the approval of the Dean/Director.
                   3.     No more than 10 hours per week will be permitted unless there is an extraordinary circumstance approved by the Dean/Director or there is an approved grant.
                   4.     Student workers should be qualified for work study funds.  The use of regular wages will be allowed only with grant support and under extraordinary circumstances approved by the Dean/Director.

C.   Assignment may be terminated in cases where these guide­lines are violated.  The Administration may interview student workers to determine the appropriateness of their work experience.

D.   Before the work begins, the student should pick up employment forms from the Human Resources Office, fill them out, and return them.
                   1.     You are responsible for verifying the hours worked and the calculation of total hours worked before approving time sheets. Once approved, the supervisor should submit the time sheet, not the student.
                   2.     Time sheets are due in the Human Resources Office by Friday noon of the pay day.
                   3.     Pay day is every other Friday.