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Secretarial Support and Supplies

Word processing, duplicating and other support services for faculty are provided in the Faculty Services areas in Ovalwood and Riedl Halls.  Mailboxes, copiers, printers, typewriters, a Scantron machine, and general office supplies are available in these areas.  Riedl Hall faculty will use the Scantron machine located in the Student Affairs area.

Because the faculty secretaries serve such a large number of individuals, guidelines and priorities are required.  The following principles have been endorsed by the faculty over the years:

  1. Priorities for faculty typing are dictated by the secretaries’ workload.  Course materials, examinations and other instructional support materials have first priority.  Scholarly manuscripts, grant proposals and other scholarly material will be typed on a first-come, first served basis.  The secretaries will support the scholarly work of emeritus faculty, but the work of currently employed faculty must take precedence.


  1. The faculty secretaries should not be asked to type personal material or to undertake any task that is unrelated to professional activities.
  1. All requests for work by the faculty secretaries should be accompanied by a blue work order form that is available in the Faculty Services area.  These forms help establish priorities and timelines for completion of the work.


  1. The turnaround time for materials that are both typed and duplicated is three days.  Materials requiring only duplication will be returned in 24 hours unless the quantities are very large, in excess of 900, or if they require the use of the color copier.  Large numbers of copies require 48 hours; the color copier requires 72 hours.  Please avoid last-minute requests; the secretaries are authorized to refuse requests that are not timely or are otherwise unreasonable.
  1. The faculty secretaries should never be asked to administer or to proctor exams.


  1. The faculty secretaries can provide assistance with and information about maintenance work orders, computer/printer related work orders, supplies, office furniture, keys, mail delivery, and textbook desk copies.