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Retention and Return of Course Materials

Faculty rules require that materials submitted by a student to satisfy course require­ments shall either be returned to the student or made avail­able for the student's inspection after they have been marked or otherwise evaluated, before the end of the quar­ter in which the work is per­formed or, in the case of final projects and final examina­tions, no later than the fourteenth day of instruc­tion of the following quarter.

Materials of this kind which have not been returned to the student shall be retained by the academic unit or the indi­vidual instructor for two quarters after the quarter in which the course was completed.  An exception to this rule may be made in the case of materials that are impractical to store if the need for such exception is clearly communicated in writing and distributed to the students at the beginning of the course.

At the end of a quarter, it is often necessary to collect assignments from students and return them after classes have stopped meeting.  Since faculty rules require that you make the papers available to students, you must establish a process for distribution.  You may tell students that you will mail the paper or project to them if they supply the postage and envelope. Otherwise, it is best to keep the papers in your office and inform students when you will be available to hand them out.  Do not place such papers in an unsupervised area where students can see the grade of other students.  Federal law requires that student privacy be maintained.

If you will not be available the quarter after classes end, you may place student papers in the Associate Dean’s office.

1.  Notify the students of the specific date and time (normal business hours) when they can pick up their papers.  Please stress that they should not try to pick them up until after that time.  Also stress that the papers will be available for only two weeks.
2.  Tell the students where to pick up their papers.
3.  Inform the students that they should ask someone in the Associate Dean’s office for their paper or project and that person will get it for them.
4.  Place the paper in an envelope (available in Faculty Services) and seal it.  Write the following on the outside of the envelope:  (a) student's name, (b) date, (c) course title and number, (d) your name.  Do not put a grade or any other evaluative information on the outside of the envelope.  Put all envelopes in alphabet­ical order.
5.  The papers will be held for two weeks.  A­fter that time they will be sent to Archives and prepared for destruction.
6.    Do not leave papers in Faculty Services, and do not ask the Faculty Secretaries to hand out such papers to student.