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Course grades must be posted electronically using the Office of the University Registrar’s web site (http://www.ureg.ohio-state.edu/ourweb/more/grades.html)

Deadlines for the posting of grades will be announced toward the end of each quarter.  Grades for graduating seniors will have a slightly earlier deadline, and that deadline must be followed strictly.

Criteria for assigning grades are spelled out in Faculty Rule 3335-7-21 (“Marks”). This information can be found in the Course Offerings Bulletin (Book 3) and at the University Registrar’s website (http://www.ureg.ohio-state.edu/courses/).  Please pay special attention to the criteria for assigning incompletes (“I”) and non-attendance (“EN”).

May Grades Be Posted or Announced in Class?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) places legal restraints on the release of student records, including grades.  Without the written consent of the student, grades may not be posted or announced in a manner that allows personal identifica­tion of the student.  Thus, in most cases, posting grades by first or last names, initials, or social security numbers is not permitted under FERPA.  Grades may be posted by a number or other symbol known only to the student and you.  Fur­thermore, in an effort to maintain confidentiality, it is not advisable to leave exams, quizzes, or papers outside of your office to be picked up by students.

FERPA places no constraints on posting grade range and other non-personally identifiable grade information.  Without the written consent of the student, disclosure of grade and academic progress information to his or her parents, spous­es, or friends is also prohibited under FERPA.  Parents who have demonstrated to the University Registrar proof of the student's financial depen­dency may receive grade information from the Registrar.

How May Grades Be Changed?

Faculty Rule 3335‑7‑23, Alteration of Marks, states in part:

A mark filed in the Office of the University Registrar is a part of the official records of the University.  It is subj­ect to change only when a procedural error has been discov­ered in evaluation or recording of a grade.  Action to change a grade must be initiated before the end of the second succeeding quarter.  In no case will a grade be revised in accordance with criteria other than those applied to all students in the class.  If the instructor agrees that an error in the mark was made, the mark will be changed upon the written authorization of:  the instructor of the course; the instructor's department chairper­son, the director of the instructor's school, if applicable; the dean of the instruc­tor's college; and the authorized representative of the dean or director of the student's enrollment unit.

Changes authorized by this rule are initiated on a Grade Assignment/Change Form, which is available from the Associate Dean's office.

Occasionally, students will appeal grades. OSU-Mansfield’s procedures are outlined under “Grade Appeals.”

Adjustment of a mark of Incomplete must be made on a Grade Assignment/Change Form (available from the Associ­ate Dean's office) and submitted no later than noon on the sixth Saturday of the quarter following the quarter in which the "I" was received.  Should it be necessary to request an extension of time beyond the sixth Saturday of the following quarter, the instructor must complete an OSU Petition for Extension of Incom­plete.

Generally, such extension is granted for no longer than the end of the quarter following the quarter the "I" was received.  If a new grade is not submitted, the alternate mark indicated for the "I" on your ninth week Grade Roster will automatically be record­ed on the student's grade report.

What Grade Records or Materials Do I Need to Retain as Evidence of a Student's Progress in My Course?

Your grade book should be retained for future references.  If you are going on a Leave of Absence or expect to be out of reach on a daily basis for an extended period of time (traveling during an off‑duty quarter, out of the country for a presenta­tion, etc.), please notify the Associate Dean's office where your grade books are stored and how they can be accessed in your absence.  It is not necessary to leave your grade books in the Associate Dean's office. Grade records are considered sensitive information and must be kept I a locked file or desk. Electronic grade records must be encrypted.

If you terminate your employment with The Ohio State Univer­sity, please return all grade books or a copy of your grades to the Associate Dean's office for future reference and leave an address and/or phone number where you can be contacted.  The University Policy on Retention or Disposal of Materials Submitted to Meet Course Requirements is printed in the Student Handbook and in this book under Retention of Material.  Your policy on the retention of materials should be announced to students.

Students should be given the opportunity to view and discuss materials submitted to meet course requirements.  Unless other­wise provided for in your policy, materials not claimed by a student may be discarded after the last day on which a grade change can be requested, i.e., the final day of the second succeeding quarter.