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Purchases and Reimbursements

(see also Travel Policy)

There may be occasions when a faculty or staff member will need to purchase instructional/research materials, or arrange payment for visiting speakers and candidates, or seek reimbursement for University-related expenses.  When faced with such matters, please follow the instruction enumerated below.  In all cases, obtain advance approval from the Administration (Dean or Associate Dean).


All receipts, including credit card receipts, must be original and must detail the purchase (Ex: meals ‑ must detail all food and beverages ‑ cannot be submitted from the total charged to the card.)

** Reimbursements for $50 or less can be processed in the Business Office from our Petty Cash account.  Reimbursements greater than $50 must be sent to Columbus for processing and will require additional turn around time (minimum of two weeks).


Paperwork for any purchase needs to be in place prior to the issuance of an invoice.   Adjustments can be made to the original data, if necessary, after the fact.

Original purchase order date must, in all cases, precede the invoice date.  

The Business Office will contact the vendor to request information necessary to process the request. If the vendor is not currently in our vendor system, you will need to provide the following information in order for the purchase order to be processed: Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip, Telephone and Fax Numbers

Any contracts requiring signatures need to be sent to Purchasing in Columbus for signature with a copy of the Purchase Order.   This requires a minimum of two to three week turnaround.   No signature authority has been delegated outside of Central Purchasing for contracts regardless of the dollar amount.  Signatures on university contracts by persons other than Purchasing make the signer personally responsible for the purchase.


Charges incurred through our Food Service provider need to be communicated to the Business Office. Please communicate any evens to the Business Office including dates, attendees, purpose of event and estimated costs. We are required to issue purchase orders by event, PRIOR to the date of the event.  

All reimbursements/purchases take time to process.   If Columbus is involved, the delay can be several weeks.   Even processing done locally can be delayed depending on workload in the Business Office.   Please try to plan ahead.   The Business Office will be happy to answer any questions.