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Publicity should be considered as two parts: within The Ohio State University, and outside the University.

Within the University

  1. Interspeak is a weekly student newsletter distributed at OSU-M in hard copy and online on the OSU-M website on Mondays. You may submit clear, concise items to the switchboard in Riedl Hall by Tuesdays at 10 a.m.
  2. A+ Form. Faculty achievements (presentations, publications, etc.) may be submitted to the switchboard on the A+ Form, available in hard copy in the faculty services area or on the OSU-M website.
  3. onCampus. Items from A+ Forms are submitted automatically to onCampus, the university-wide (Columbus and all regional campuses) newspaper.

Outside the University

Items to be publicized outside the university can include press releases about faculty and staff achievements or press releases about campus events open to the public. Please follow the Campus Event Publicity Checklist in this handbook if you wish to have the OSU-M University Relations Office publicize a campus event within the public domain.