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Professional Development Support (Faculty)

The University and the campus attempt to support faculty professional development in a variety of ways.  In addition to support for travel to Columbus and to conferences (see the section on travel), there are numerous possibilities for obtain­ing release time or financial support for research.

The Professional Development Committee oversees funds for Professional Development Grants; the Associate Dean administers Non-Competitive Grants.

Professional Development Grants may be for small, large, or group projects. The maximum award is $1,000 per year per individual. Individuals may pool their awards for a group project. Please submit seven (7) typewritten copies of the application form (see “Forms” page) and one copy of your CV to the chairperson of the Professional Development Committee. There are two deadlines per year for submitting grants: May 1 (for projects to be conducted at any time during the next fiscal year, July 1 to June 30) and November 15 (for projects to be conducted between January 1 and June 30 of the current fiscal year). Awards will be announced no later than one month prior to the start of the grant period. The committee may consult your department chair or other individuals about the merits of your proposal.

There are two types of non-competitive grants.  One is for publication costs (page charges, reprints, illustrations, etc.) and is limited to $300 for an article and $500 for a book.  A new request should be filed for each paper published.  There is no yearly limit on the number of publications supported.  The second type is for travel (beyond the current $1,000 limit), supplies/­books, and supplemental funding to an existing grant and is limited to $300/year/individual­.  Unused funds up to $600 may be carried over to the next fiscal year.  Please complete a Non-Competitive Grant form (see “Forms” page) and submit to the Associate Dean for approval. Faculty are also eligible for special research assignments, subject to Profession­al Develop­ment Committee recommendation and adminis­trative approval.

A research award for outstanding scholarship is given each year at the spring banquet.  Currently this award carries a $1,000 honorarium.  A call for nominations will occur in the spring.

Regional campus faculty are eligible for various in‑house grants sponsored by the University.  Watch for announcements of the deadlines for application.

The Mansfield campus sponsors a competitive Seed Grant program.  The Seed Grant competition is primarily intended to assist new Assistant Professors initiating their research careers.  The grants provide financial support to encourage new initiatives in research and other scholarly activities by The Ohio State University at Mansfield faculty.  The term “research” is meant to encompass all areas of scholarly and creative endeavor appropriate to the university.  Proposals submitted to this program may request up to $15,000, plus graduate research associate tuition and fees for a period of approximately 12 months.  The deadline for submitting to the Professional Development Committee is February 1.  See the Proposal for Mansfield Campus Seed Grant form (see “Forms” page”).
An important objective of Seed Grants is to support preliminary work that will contribute to the strength, competitiveness, and success of proposals seeking extramural funding.  We also seek to provide critical support for research in areas for which extramural funding is not available.  Only full-time, regular tenure-track faculty are eligible as principal investigators for Seed Grant projects.

Since they have no research expectation, Special Contract faculty are not eligible for the above grants.

The Ohio State University Research Foundation (OSURF) supplies administrative and technical support for those faculty seeking external funds.  The Professional Development Committee will periodically invite a representative from OSURF to come to Mansfield to meet individually and collectively with interested faculty.  Do not hesitate to badger the chair of the Professional Development Committee about such arrangements.

Any external funding application requires key individuals to submit a Conflict of Interest Screening Form to the Dean/Director.

We attempt to support faculty development of classroom instructors as well.  The Professional Development Committee sponsors occasion­al colloquia on teaching, and the Office of TA and Faculty Development in Columbus is available for consulting with individual faculty members.  An annual campus teaching award, voted by students, provides a $1,000 cash award to the winners.  The Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award is given annually to ten members of the University's faculty.  This award carries a substantial cash prize and has been won by a number of regional campus faculty members, including six from Mansfield.

Whenever possible, the campus will attempt to support teaching exchanges or other opportunities to teach in Columbus.  In these cases, however, we must insure that there is no negative impact on our local program.