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Posting Policy

It is important for campus offices and student organizations to have adequate opportunities to publicize their events. It is also important
to maintain an attractive campus, free of unnecessary litter. The following guidelines are designed to achieve those objectives.
Students, faculty, and staff may post information and notices concerning their organization/department in areas designated by NC
State/OSU-Mansfield administration, such as the bulletin boards in each of the buildings. These postings must be stamped and approved
prior to posting (approval process below). When in doubt, contact the Office of Campus Life for assistance at 419-755-4314. Guidelines
for posting include:

Campus personnel will remove notices from all student posting areas on a bi-weekly basis. These areas will also be checked regularly to
remove dated notices, non-campus related postings and violations.

Violations of this policy will be handled through the Office of Campus Life and other appropriate NC State/OSU Mansfield personnel.
Groups or individuals responsible for violations will be assessed the actual cost of clean up and any necessary repairs.

Approval Process

Prior approval is required before anything is posted. For approval and distribution, please see the following for different types of
  • Student organizations and campus programmatic committees should contact the Office of Campus Life in Eisenhower.
  • External vendors and non-profits should contact the OSU-Mansfield Development Office in Riedl 208.
  • All other internal institutional postings should be handled by the building monitors listed below.

    Campus Building Monitors

    To have something approved, please report to one of the following monitors, depending on the building where you will be posting the
    FALLERIUS: Roberta Moore, Rm 158
    KEHOE: Stevie Bowler, Rm 150
    HEALTH SCIENCES: Betty Hager, Rm 201
    CRC: Jennifer Racer
    BROMFIELD: Library/1st floor Beth Burns - Second Floor Kimberly Lybarger, Rm 209
    OVALWOOD: Marna Utz, Rm 269
    EISENHOWER: Tammy Smith, Union
    KEE HALL: Deb Huguenin
    RIEDL: Laura Grimm, Rm 104
    CONARD LRC: Kris Moloney, Rm 100
    CDC: Monica Durham

    Approved by Shared Services Committee, 1997
    Revisions approved by Shared Services Committee, 1/22/02, 12/16/05, 1/26/06, 9/29/08
    Prepared by S. Minck, OSU-Mansfield